What Is Google Analytics And How to Integrate It With WordPress Site?

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What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool and it is a simple free tool from google, which helps to see everything that’s happening on your website, That collects data from your websites and apps to create reports that provide insights into your business.

Google Analytics

With the help of this tool we can see how your website is performing, so that we can take some steps to improve our website.

How Does Google Analytics Work?

First you have to create a google analytics account, Every time a user visits a webpage, the tracking code will collect all information about how that user interacted with the page.

Google Analytics puts tracking code into your website. The code records the activities of the users when they visit your website, when the user exits your website all the information send to google analytics server.

Google Analytics collected informations from your website in multiple ways using key terminology such as:

How Does Google Analytics Work

  • People visited your website, along with the attributes (such as age, gender, interests) of that users.
  • Collects users where they are come from.
  • Time Spended in your website.
  • The most visited pages on Your website.
  • Collects each individual page visited by user.
  • Collects datas like button clicks, video views, etc.
  • Measuring a specific action which is set by the business.

What Is Called Hit?

Every time when a HIT happens the Google analytics code will get triggered. A hit defined as:

  • Page view – when a user visited our website page it consider as a hit.
  • Event – when the user click a button is called event.
  • Social interaction – when the user clicks social media links which you linked in your website it also consider as a hit.
  • Ecommerce – when you are having a Ecommerce website ,the users will purchase some products using a click or button is consider as a hit.

What Is Called Metrics And Dimensions

Metrics And Dimensions


Describing the coustomers or how the users visited your webpages is defined as dimensions.

For Example:

  • Users come your website using Keyword
  • Which city they come from
  • Which browser they use to reach your webpage
  • Which channel they used
  • And which page they visited your website will be described.


It helps to measure your customers who visited your webpage.


  • Sessions – how many times they visited your webpage
  • Users – how many users or the user how many times visited your webpage will be calculated.
  • Pageviews – number of pages visited by user
  • Average session duration – It calculates the time duration of user stayed in your webpage.

How To Integrate It With WordPress Site?

Integrate It With WordPress Site

  1. First We Need To Create An Account In Google Analytics

  • Go to
  • Click set up for free, it displays an account creating page
  • Enter account name and click next
  • Select web option and next page enter property setup then complete the process
  • After creating an account tracking code will be created in tracking info , we need to copy it for integration with wordpress site.
  1. Adding Google Analytics To WordPress Website

  • To install the google plugin on your website, add new plugin called Insert Header and footer plugin.
  • After activating this plugin, paste the tracking code in header section and save the code.
  • Finally connected the google analytics account to wordpress website.
  • For checking how google analytics working on your website you need to go google analytics website and go to home page.
  • After that google will catch and collect your datas and showing it on google analytics page.

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