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Everyone loves car because it gives you an immediate and new sense of freedom. There is endless list of car in world, it controls our life and makes us feel secure from society. Having a car makes us respected and help to get others attention easily. In this blog we are going to see about the top most car manufacturers in United Kingdom, so this will help you to know about the cars and their brands.

1. Porsche


The Porsche is the top driver power brands survey in UK. There is no german sports car manufacturer’s models is enough to make it into the driver power new car survey. This car manufacturers are very highly in the majority of categories because it comes first for exterior, ride and handling, reliability and infotainment. This car should be featured with exterior styling and finish, steering and braking responsiveness, road handling, driving pleasure, overall build quality, ride quality, and controls for the satellite navigation, heating and air-conditioning.

Porsche cars also scores very well for its expensive and legendary engines and gearboxes, particularly this is for its acceleration and transmission smoothness. There are also some complaints about running costs in this car, Porsches are expensive to service on their showroom, and also expensive for car tax and insurance . The fuel economy isn’t as bad as might be anticipated. This car should be value for money, the fact that Porsches are expensive cars to buy.

2. Tesla


The Tesla is contains power and smooth delivery on the environment and of the electric drivetrains it met the top survey rating in the engine and gearbox category. Tesla matches that feat with wins for both MPG and running costs and also for its safety features.

It got third places for its infotainment and practicality, as well as top-10 scores for ride and handling plus the interior of the car, This car is only styling, reliability and value where owners seem relatively unimpressed by their cars.

3. Kia


Kia Motors Corporation is a maker of world-class quality vehicles and manufacturers for the young-at-heart. kia was founded in 1944 and this is one of the Korea’s oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles. Over 3 million Kia vehicles a year can be produced at 14 manufacturing units of kia and assembly operations in five countries including UK, which are then sold and serviced through a network of distributors in that countries and dealers covering around 180 countries. Kia today has contains over 51,000 employees worldwide and it revenues of over US$45 billion per year. Kia is the major sponsor of the Australian Open company and an official automotive partner of FIFA, which means the governing body of the FIFA World Cup team. Kia Motors Corporation’s brand slogan is “The Power to Surprise” and it represents the company’s global commitment to surprise the world by providing exciting and inspiring experiences to peoples that go beyond expectations.

4. Honda


Honda is one of the UK Manufacturing Ltd and it is also known as HMU, this was a British automotive manufacturing company, and the United Kingdom-based manufacturing and this was subsidiary of the many multinational automotive company Honda. This company was also located in swindon, Based in Swindon, England, Honda operated manufacturing plants with casting, pressing, welding, engine assembly, painting, and car assembly activities. At the time of its closure, this company employed around 3,400 people at the plants, this was occupied a site covering around 370 acres. you can also buy this car with car loans, this should be a encouragable by this company.

The investment and profit of Honda has made a total investment of over £1.5 billion in the Swindon plants and in other plants also they invested sepratedly. In 2008, Honda company in UK produced 230,423 cars. By 2016 annual unit production was down to 134,146 units but it still represented an increase of 12.3% over the figure for 2015. In early 2019, this company was announced the entire manufacturing plant in Swindon would close because of less production and which was later confirmed by Honda.

5. Volvo


Volvo has improved their performance by one place to overall this year because of its less production, and this brand is famous for its roomy load-carriers, practicality and boot space is one of the categories of this manufacturer in which it tops the chart.

These car owners will definitely love the interior design and finish, which is the other category where Volvo sees off all rivals in their car. Satisfaction levels are also extremely high level, and it also popular for safety features, another iconic Volvo brand value and exterior design.

Buyer of this car are little less satisfied with MPG and running costs, where the brand ranks close to the bottom. The overall value of this car is rated in the lowest third and customers don’t like to see their engine and gearbox set-ups like acceleration scores are average. So Volvos are ranked low for engine sound and gearbox smoothness. In the categories such as reliability, and ride and handling, the Volvo brand’s performance is middle of the road.



MINI manufacturing management will be placed on 19th rank and it was given by the buyers, they are also celebrating this ranking in their company. They did not give any outstanding performances, but they set of mostly average ratings  from their customers across the board suggests a broadly satisfied clientele. This brand scores for exterior design, safety features, reliability and its infotainment set-ups, while ride and handling in the road, it just ranked outside the top 10, along with interior aspects and functions.

Satisfaction is very important in cars, these are with practicality and boot space across the brand is only average, as it is with value. There are also low ratings for this brand in the MPG and running costs category, with owners relatively complaint about the cost of servicing and their cars, this should get thirst for fuel.

The MINI manufacturers brand sporty aspirations are reflected in a strong sixth place for driving pleasure, but it contains in top 10 rankings across the world and in particular by poor ratings for gearbox smoothness also.

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