Trigger Google Autocomplete FatRank – How To Do?

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How to Trigger Google Autocomplete FatRank?

The current competitive marketplace is quite tough to survive for businesses online. One needs to do it all to handle the challenges of the competitors. The most important is to stay ahead of the competition on the online search platform. No doubt it seems to be a lot difficult, but with the algorithms of Google, things have become a lot more convenient.

It is vital to understand how the algorithms work and then use them to the very best. Triggering Google Autocomplete is a great way to stay ahead of the competitors and make the most of the online presence. The marketers now understand that Google suggestions can be triggered based on the search behaviour of the people. This is why everyone is now focusing on manipulating or triggering Google Autocomplete.

But as the API of Google is not easy to manage or handle, taking professional assistance becomes important. FatRank is a highly reputed company known for the quality of the services they provide to businesses. As the best SEO expert, James Dooley knows how to come up with an effective strategy and plan to help the business succeed in the current competitive marketplace.

Google Autocomplete – What is it?

In simple terms, it is a semi-automatic entry which appears as a suggestion when you type the first letter on the search box in Google. The objective suggests terms might be similar to those you are looking for.

The Autocomplete feature works to save your time by anticipating your query in advance. It is a semi-automatic completion feature that Google implemented in the search engine. It allows the visitors to obtain proper suggestions associated with their requests.

The companies that get their brand in the Google Autocomplete will benefit greatly. When a visitor is making a query and their names appear on the top, it will allow them to get more qualified traffic. Google create the suggestion strength to help auto-complete the predicted phrase of the visitor. When used properly, it can be quite beneficial for businesses.

Working of Google Autocomplete

It is vital that you understand how the Google criteria work for providing a suggestion or how it is triggered. The Google Autocomplete feature depends on multiple factors, which include.

  • The localisation and language of the user
  • Keyword search volume of the area
  • The trend of the keyword
  • The number of times a keyword appears on the web
  • The number of times a keyword is mentioned, not a social media platform
  • The number of times a keyword is mentioned in anchor text links

A vital factor that greatly triggers Google Autocomplete is the keyword frequency typed on the internet. The most popular suggestions will appear when you search online. Herein the most popular or trending query happens to be on the top, and so on.

Google Autocomplete - What is it

Is search box optimisation worth it?

Given how the SEO strategies are working in the current scenario, the search box optimisation is absolutely worth it for the business. In fact, a survey has revealed that about 75% of the user searched for the queries that are triggered by Google Autocomplete.

Given the result, it can be said that with Google search box optimisation, you will have a better chance of increasing the traffic to the website.

Carrying out Google Autocomplete manipulation can become a lot more expensive. It is recommended that you consider taking help from a professional company that knows how to manipulate Autocomplete and bring the most to your business.

FatRank is the one you can always rely on for professional service. James Dooley being the owner understands the SEO and guarantees the best for the clients.

 How long will the search query in Google last?

The term that is now visible in Google suggests dropdown will last forever based on the interactions made between the user and Google after clicking on the specific suggestion. If the user searched for the term does not interact with the SERPs, then Google will have the option to remove the phrase from the Autocomplete option.

It is quite vital that when doing search engine optimisation, interact well with the SERPs, especially for your business. The searches made on Google without any engagement or interaction can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of the search query in the future.

When the Google Autocomplete manipulation works well, it will add the brand terms to the search prediction that will require maintenance or searches for continuously appearing for the Google Autocomplete.

Triggering Google Auto Complete

There are multiple ways that can be considered to trigger Google Autocomplete drop-down prediction once the user starts to search in the search bar.

  1. Get searches for the keyword you want to influence

The most common way to trigger Google Autocomplete is by making actual Google searches for phrases you want to appear on the top. The utilisation of CTR manipulation is known to be the best technique for making this manipulation happen.

There are a number of phrases that can be used in Google Autocomplete, which can help businesses grow their search volume by targeting the keywords. But an important factor here is the management of the click ratio and knowing about the information.

  1. Freshness

Google needs to update the SEO so that it stays up to date. The technique or method that might have been on top in 2020 might not necessarily be the best in 2022. This is why they release the caffein update to reward the fresher results.

The same goes with the source suggestions where they need to be showing the latest trends. The caffeine freshness was curated in an attempt to bring fresher and more recent search information. So you must keep updating to stay on the top of the trend and bring in benefits for your business.

  1. Language

When you want a specific phrase to appear in French on Google, then you must search for the exact French keyphrase in the Google search bar. It is vital that you use the visitor’s language to help with the query if you want to trigger Google Autocomplete and bring good results for your business.

  1. Globalisation

As of now, more than 150 countries are available on Google search. The CTR can be done from any targeted location and browser, which needs to be used as a trigger for the Google Autocomplete.

For example, you chose France, then the searches must be made from with the Chrome browser in French. This will help get the same place on Google Autocomplete which will include the geolocation of France only.

  1. Keyword search volume

It is quite an important factor for triggering the Google Autocomplete feature for displaying a target phrase. But you need to build a search volume that hits or exceeds the target of 200 searches per month. For this, you can choose to get people who will search for the desired phrase on the platform so that you get to benefit from it better. Remember, the phrase will get outdated if there are no searches, so you need to continue with the strategy.

Triggering Google Auto Complete

  1. Keyword Trend

Creating a trend around the targeted search query will allow you to trigger Google Autocomplete easily. When the keyword is searched multiple times in a short period of time, then the trend will be a lot bigger.

It is recommended to search the phrase over several months to bring the phrases into the Google Autocomplete search bar. But you must have a higher search volume to keep up with the keyword trend.

  1. Keywords on the internet

If you notice the key phrase is being searched online on Google a lot but has zero mentions for the exact search query on the internet, it will struggle to trigger the Google Autocomplete. It is thus vital to get mentions of the search term on the internet that can easily be crawled by the spiders to influence Google to Autocomplete.

  1. Keywords mention on social media

When the search query is being searched a lot in Google but does not have any mentions of the same on social media platforms, then it cannot trigger the Google Autocomplete.

The search term mentioned on different social media platforms should make it easy for the spiders to crawl and help influence Google to Autocomplete. Facebook and Twitter are known to be the two big social media platforms that can really influence the Autocomplete feature.


The guide clearly stated how you could trigger the Google Autocomplete feature and make the most of it. But it also specified that handling things on your own is not possible. So getting professional help is absolutely worth it. FatRank is the best one you can trust for your business.

They have been successfully handling the needs of the business and providing the guarantee of better ROI. With their professional support and guidance, you will have a better chance of getting to the top of the search engine Autocomplete and bringing positive results for your business.

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