10 Most Popular Software As A Medical Device

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Software has become an important factor of all products in environment, it helps to convert the world digitally, Those software can also be used in medical fields. The software which is used for one or more medical purposes and that perform tasks without being part of a hardware medical device. Nowadays, uses of software can be continued to increase, it is a very broad range of platform. The pandemic situation proved the importance of digitalization and importance of software as a medical device. You get knowledge about the medical software by reading this article.

1. Patient Portals

Patient Portals

This type of patient portal software can be used to access the patients datas, which was stored in a electronic Health Record. You can get patients details easily with this software and get an overview of available services. Hospitals need to keep those datas in a securable way, because it gives transparency of information for the patients. This services can improve the satisfaction rate for their overall services.

2. Telemedicine Software

Telemedicine Software

The Telemedicine Software has become more popular over last two years due to pandemic. There is also demand for telemedicine software in the next five years. These software can be used by desktop, mobile and it is a web platform for providing remote medical care. These will connect peoples and doctors in different places, physicians treat patients whenever they need. They can contact patients via video and audio meetings and in app text messages are the most common ways to communicate via telemedicine software. Types of telemedicine services such as virtual appointments and patient portal.

3. Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records software is used to collects patients data’s and information’s. It enables digital storage of patient’s personal information and medical history of the patients these including procedures and prescriptions of the patients done by the organization and their doctor’s recommendations. Access to the information is restricted to the authorized personnel of the organization, but the tool allows for the integration of data across multiple departments.

There are two types of HER softwares such as Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The EPR software is used by hospitals internally to store their patient’s data and information. The EMR is a record of a patient’s recovery status, course and actions taken by a specific hospital unit.

4. E-Prescribing Software

E-Prescribing Software

E prescribing or electronic prescribing software is a technological framework that helps physicians and other medical practitioners to write and send prescriptions to a medical shop electronically instead of using own handwriting prescriptions, faxes or calling.

This is a electronic reference handbook and e prescribing systems for prescription writers. By using this software, they can create and refill prescriptions for every individual patients, view patient history and also used to manage medications. This software should be connected with other drug dispensing site and integrate with an electronic medical record system.

5. Medical Image Analysis

Medical image analysis

This enables medical devices manufacturers and researchers to minimize clinical errors, misdiagnosis cases and unneeded tests. It allows for in depth and non invasive exploration of internal parts of anatomy, this helps to improve treatment outcomes for the patient, develop improved medical devices and drug delivery  system, or help to achieve more informed diagnoses. This can be acquiring raw data from CT or from MRI images and reconstructing them into a format which has used for relevant software.

It reduces and removes unwanted noise or images, cropping and resampling input data to make it faster and process images in a simple way. You can import medical devices to see how it interact with individual anatomies.

6. Medical Diagnosis Software

Medical diagnosis software

Medical diagnosis software is consider as an intelligent system and it was powered with Artificial Intelligence to handle the medical diagnostic process while ensuring precision. The function of this medical software system is used to carry out the automated and interconnected medical diagnostic process, this can be helpful to ensure minimal chances of error in diagnostic results.

The medical diagnosis software provides the most benefits to healthcare professionals. They can provide a holistic view on a patient’s condition directly. Experts from different medical fields can add information to patient records and data’s that can be assess it in real-time and from a much broader perspective.

Artificial Intelligence technology in medical diagnosis software plays an indispensable role, though its extent may vary in different tools of software. It provides simple acceleration of data exchange and diagnosis in patients, It also may come with advanced features like early symptom detection and many more.

7. Hospital Management Software

Hospital management software

You can achieve good quality ratings by using this software. Hospital management system helps hospitals to become a high rated hospital by insurance company.  You can get better revenue management. It is used to avoid errors and track every single detail. This software help you to make a improved clinical decision making and it also improves data security. You can establish your hospital as technically advanced by using this software.

8. Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Remote patient monitoring software can be used for the latest technologies to collect patient data outside of hospitals and or from other institutions. RPMS is a PC Monitoring software, By using this software medical diagnostics can be performed remotely by doctors regardless of the patient’s location. This type of healthcare software system is extremely useful in times like COVID-19 pandemics, this is used to preventing a lot of doctors from meeting their patients. Having an RPM system in place is also means that patients get the required treatment from doctors when and where they need it.

9. Health Tracking Apps

Health Tracking apps

These software does not connected to professional medical software, this will come only as a picture in an additional source of health data. These software related to three categories such as diet, fitness and wellbeing, or combine certain functions from each category. This can be used to collect more accurate health data such as heart rate and sleep quality of patients, or even function as glucometers or thermometers. This can also connected with actual patients records, they could supplement them with even more information.

10. Healthcare Billing Software

Healthcare Billing Software

Healthcare billing software in many hospitals will simplifies and automates medical billing procedures. It enables secure payment methods while paying a bill and allows for easier transaction tracking. The software can also provide best advanced analytics options and this can be crucial in assessing the general financial condition of the institution as well as cost-saving opportunities.

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