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Top 20 Side Hustle Ideas UK For Passive Income

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Side Hustle Ideas UK

You can check out the below list and explore some of the best side hustle ideas in UK and start your passive income source.

1. Dog walking

Dog walking

If you are a student looking to earn Money between classes and study sessions. Dog walking service is a great way to combine extra income With fresh air, exercise, and fun. Installation costs can include dog first aid training and any supplies you may need to purchase.

2. Becoming an Uber Driver

Becoming an Uber Driver

If you already own a car, it’s relatively easy to become an Uber driver in your spare time. It can work very well during your full-time hours as it is a very flexible sideline.

3. Childcare


Childcare is often a service provided by school-aged students, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it. If you already have children,  you already have experience. You can start by asking your friends and offering childcare. While childcare does not require a required  Qualification,

it would certainly be beneficial to take a basic first aid course. A Disclosure and Prohibition Service Certificate (DBS)  is required if you are considering childcare. A standard check costs £ 26, although it may be covered by the company. Some parents can also request a DBS check.

4. Tutor


Become a Tutor  If you`re already a teacher, tutoring can be a very lucrative side  Idea. You will use your existing skills and Be familiar with the current school curriculum.

5. Blogging


Blogging is a very rewarding Idea or full-time business opportunity. If you enjoy writing and  Presenting your work, a blog is a perfect place to gather your expertise and showcase your portfolio.

6. Become a  delivery driver

Become a  delivery driver

With the demand for food delivery is so high since the rise of Just Eat and Uber Eats,  food delivery in the UK could be a great alternative to earn extra money.  Just Eat Takeaway deliverers earn around £15 an hour on average, according to GlassDoor.

7. Social media manager

Social media manager

If a business wants to stand out, it has to be on the internet, and that includes social media because that’s where its customers are. In addition, managing social media can be time-consuming.

A business needs someone to be the face of their business, update their posts, respond to comments, and manage or escalate issues as they arise.  Social Media Management is a service that you can offer as a virtual assistant or even as an independent service.  

8. Become a DJ

Become a DJ

If you live in a big city (and even if you don’t), you have the chance to establish yourself as a DJ if that’s your passion. Whether large events, club nights, or wedding receptions, DJs  Are always in demand. Best of all, this complementary activity would easily fit into a regular job.

9. Selling crafts

Selling crafts

Selling crafts to make money and enjoy your creativity If you like to be creative, The best way to make money Is by selling the things you love to do. From downloads and prints to souvenirs and crafts, Your imagination knows no bounds.

10. Start a podcast

Start a podcast

Podcasts are popular and you can start a podcast on almost any topic. You can start a podcast as an addition to a blog or website and monetize it through ads and referrals.

11. Freelancer


Freelancer isn’t just for writers. If you have a  Skill and service that you can package up and sell, you may be charged a fee and it can be a great guiding idea. Using marketplaces can be a great place to start building and gaining experience. However, they do charge a commission on the sale, so you should keep this in mind when preparing your quote and price. This one of the best small business ideas to start in UK.

If not, try contacting your friends, family, acquaintances, local businesses, etc., and tell them what you have to offer and how you can help them. To work on projects you need a laptop/desktop or at least one tablet.

12. Be a Professional Organizer

Be a Professional Organizer

If you like being organized and you organize things,  consider becoming a professional organizer for people who need your help. For starters, you can offer your organization’s services to your friends and family and ask for testimonials to add to your website or Facebook page.

13. eBay


eBay can be a great way to make extra money selling home items and many people take the “reseller” approach of buying cheap items or buying unwanted products and then resell them for a profit. Not only is it a smart way to earn extra money, but it is also good for the environment by encouraging the resale of popular products.

Places to find items to resell include box sales, charity shops, online marketplaces like Facebook. You will need a phone/tablet to take photos and download your listings and a PayPal account for transactions to protect yourself and the buyer.

14. Event manager

Event manager

Another business option you may want to consider is becoming an event planner. If you like to organize birthdays or social events, can you offer this as a professional service? Coordination and organization when planning an event are not for everyone. If you are knowledgeable about the field, outgoing, personable, can communicate well, and get things done then this could be for you.

15. Offer Cleaning Service

Offer Cleaning Service

Cleaning services, such as cleaning and ironing, are a great way to earn extra money, and even more, if you enjoy cleaning. With so many people living such busy lives, especially working parents who have neither the time nor the energy to clean and tidy up their kids after a long day at work, there is room for them. If you want to offer this, consider your Unique Selling Proposition (or USP).

What sets you apart from the rest? Passionate about shiny griffins and spider web hunting? Are you super reliable and fast? Whatever your strength, focus on it when approaching new customers. Better yet, if you’re self employed, you can set your working hours. So if you have kids in school or kindergarten, you can do these chores during school hours and still be there for them at home.

16. Offer translation services

Offer translation services

If you are good enough to be bilingual, you can offer your services as a translator. You can do it in person to translate orally or online, where you can translate text from one language to another.  Since this is a big niche, it can become a profitable side hustle for you if you are fluent in more than one language. If you are looking for the business ideas from home to make money, this is best.

17. Sell photos

Sell photos

If you are an experienced photographer, you can sell your photos online for extra money. One particularly popular website for this is Shutterstock, where you get paid every time someone downloads one of your images. Alternatively, you can sell stock photos, which are often bought in batches by website owners, bloggers, and businesses.

18. Logo design

Logo design

Logo design is a very popular service that you can quickly monetize. It is in demand because websites and businesses always search for logo designers if you have a background in design, this could be a great way to earn some extra money.

19. Building an app

Building an app

Building an app is not for everyone, but if you have experience in the field and have a unique idea, you can make A lot of money with it!

20. Selling jewelry 

Selling jewelry 

personalized jewelry is very popular these days. You can sell your pearl, silver, or handmade jewelry on an online marketplace like Etsy, or you can even build your website and create related social media pages.

You can check out the above listed side hustle business ideas and start your business today.

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