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Rank and Rent FatRank 

The Rank and Rent model is a highly popular digital marketing strategy where you have an option to build a website, nurture it until it brings visible results on the search engine platform, and then rent it out to the one who requires it for the business. The search engine veterans are using the strategy to the very best because it is scalable and the best of all.

If you are unfamiliar with the strategy, then there is nothing to worry about as long as you have gotten experience ranking the websites and know about the common tools that can be used. If not, taking help from a company like FatRank will serve to be helpful. They are the best platform to get yourself a website that will work great for your business and bring in leads to improve the business and grow.

The guide here has provided essential information about Rank and Rent models. With this, you will get deep into the information to understand things better.

Rank and Rent – What is it?

It is a highly popular business model that involves ranking the local business websites on the search engine platform and renting them out. As it will bring organic traffic, the businesses would greatly benefit from the leads.

The model is a lot similar to real estate, where you will find something of value. If you find a shop that gets a lot of customers, you will want to rent out the property to improve your business. This works the same for SEO as there are few associated costs on the website.

How to Rank and Rent a website

If you successfully get the website to the top ranking and get about 300 visitors per month, you will not pay visitors like with PPC. It will be the free traffic, so the remaining amount will be all profit.

What businesses rent websites?

Although Rank and Rent models are highly popular, many people still have no idea. There are multiple businesses that choose this option to benefit from the website and get the visitors they need to succeed.

Let’s consider an example of a local shop in the town that sells custom design handbags. Just think how many people would be searching for custom design handbags in your local area. No doubt it might be a small number for a business.

When there are few people searching online, there is no use in using Rank and Rent. In contrast, many people will look for local car washing or phone covers, but the profit herein per customer is quite low. Thus the companies would require many customers to make a profit. Therefore, the Rank and Rent models are the best for the business with.

  • People searching for local products or services
  • Fairly profitable services

There is an endless list of businesses that can come under these criteria. Branding a website is a lot more similar to purchasing advertising. There is a piece of valuable strategy that you are paying to rent to get in front of the potential customers.

But not everyone can succeed with Rank and Rent websites. This is why choosing a good company for making a purchase is extremely important. FatRank has got the best for you. They will help you get a well-prepared and ranked website that will work the best for your business and drive good results.

How to Rank and Rent a website?

Understanding the process of building a Rank and Rent website is not difficult. You just need to have a clear idea about the industry and all the associated tools to start. Here are the steps that will be involved.

  1. Choose a niche

The main reason for choosing Rank and Rent instead of affiliate SEO is the less competition in local search. Keeping this in mind, you need to choose a low competition niche.

For instance, the ranking for the personal injury lawyer will be quite high and profitable. Thus, it will be quite competitive. You need to look for those keywords that can be ranked easily and quickly and then rent it out asap.

Make sure you choose a niche that seems to get a lot of searches in your city or your location. It will help get better sales and customers.

  1. Keyword research

Before you begin with the content for the website, there is a requirement to do keyword research. It will help determine what the people are actually looking for so that you can write about it and solve their problems.

The research must be done to determine which location has got the highest search volume and establish different variations and terminology that people search for when looking for the services.

  1. Audit competitors

You need to double-check the keywords that you plan to rank. Further mapping out the entire strategy for the website is also important. There are tools that can be used for the process. To start with the link audit, you need to download the backlinks of the top-ranking competitors. This will indicate the budget that will be required to rank a keyword. If you find it too competitive, save your struggle and choose different keywords with less competition.

Once satisfied with the keyword selection, you can go deeper with auditing. You can look at the competitors’ websites and then break down how their content is optimised so that you can replicate it easily.

  1. Choose a domain

Once you have selected city, niche, and keywords, the next step if to get the registration done for the preferable domain. There are basically three types of domains available, including partial match, exact match and branded. It is always advised to choose the partial match domain. Although they have a small advantage and ranking in the local SEO, you will still get good success.

  1. Set up a website

Now you need to set up your first website. If you are new to this, go for a shared hosting plan along with the WordPress CMS. There is no necessity for WordPress to have a great SEO. Make sure you install WordPress, buy a good theme, and then carry on your way. The process is quite simple. You just need to choose the right option.

  1. Structuring the website

Now your website must be ready to start posting the contents. But before that, you need to discuss how to structure the website. When making use of internal linking, you need to have a home page, service page, location page, and standard pages so that the customers visiting a website have the convenience of getting all the central information separately.

Rank and Rent - What is it

It will undoubtedly be the additional content you have to create for your website, but the additional keyword here will help rank it within the main city.

You already have your preferred location, and your website is built around targeting the specific keyword and location. But don’t forget internal linking. It is an important part of SEO. The way you approach this will greatly influence your ranking, so it must be well thought out in advance.

  1. Writing quality content

Writing good quality content that can help the audience get an answer to the query can be extremely beneficial. Makes sure you don’t think from the SEO perspective. You need to consider the needs and concerns of the people while writing the content.

When their requirement is fulfilled, they will visit your website over and over again. Thus will get a better visit and lower bounce rate. Make sure you explain in detail what people need to know about your services. It will interest them to connect with you for purchase or additional information. Make sure to sound more appealing to get maximum conversion.

  1. Getting the GMB pack

If you have done a local Google search, then you already know there are three types of results you will see. But the organic result is enough to generate leads and traffic. It is the map pack that receives the most traffic. Thus, is naturally placed on the top of the page.

Therefore, to maximise the traffic, you need to get into the map pack. It will require a valid phone number and address within that location.

As you would not be getting enough traffic without it, make sure you take proper measures and get on the map pack as soon as possible.

  1. Building off-page signals

Once you have a well-optimised website, you need to focus on the off-page signals like building links. You need to question yourself as to what a real, local business will do. This will include setting up social pages, buying citations, and purchasing social signals. It will make your website look more legitimate and give some relevant signals.

But for ranking a website, you will require a strong link. Opting for link insertion and guest posts is the best technique to get the leads and the visitors. When trying out this, make sure you do the outreach yourself, as it will be the fastest way to buy from a reputable provider.

  1. Renting the website

Ranking a website for local search is quite easy. It will not take more than 4 to 6 months if your niche is comparative. But remember, Rank and Rent are not just about ranking but also renting. This means you have to get on the phone and find someone who will pay you the amount to rent out the website.

It will be easier than selling your SEO services as you are already ranking good and have got good traffic online. The easiest way to put yourself out in the market is to find a local business that might be interested in purchasing.

Also, you can go for popup ads which will show the interested parties the availability of a website that they can be bough. Or sharing leads will be helpful. You can send out direct messages as it seems to be a convenient option, so you get to get in touch with the interested parties directly for renting your site.


The guide clearly specifies how you can make use of Rank and Rent websites to earn money. No doubt it can be quite helpful for the businesses they will get a well-prepared website that is optimised and receiving good leads. But purchasing a good website is highly important.

You can consider contracting FatRank to get the support. They will provide you with a well-optimised website with the desired lead generation so that you need not have to put effort into building the website or getting the leads. The well-prepared website from the company will be helpful for you to get positive results for your business.

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