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10 Profitable New Manufacturing Business Ideas With Medium Investment In UK?

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1. Candle Making Business

Candle Making Business

Candle manufacturing business idea is one of the low small manufacturing business ideas in UK which can be started a business with a very low investment and you can earn high profits on this business. you do not need to make the candles handmade, nowadays there are different types of candles can be made by the candle making machine. The cost of a candle making machine for business is under budget and every single person can afford for the machine. The demand for candles is too huge on all over the UK and western and other countries as well, it accomplishes all your manufacturing costs in one short. There are many types of candles saled in market that you can manufacture and sell on a domestic level and international level. In UK, the upper-class people use luxury candles. The luxury candles selling rates are high because of the raw materials use in that candle, things such as wax, aromatic oils and decorative items etc in these are cheap. Candle making is a low investment manufacturing business and you can get high returns from a low investment. Candle making business is the easiest business idea so this is in the top of the profitable manufacturing business UK list.

2. Cookies Manufacturing Business

Cookies Manufacturing Business

Manufacturing cookies and biscuits can be a great business idea, if you love cooking and baking then this business is for you. Various people look for new tastes and new flavors when it comes to biscuits and cookies and prefer homemade biscuits over others. You can set up a small scale industry in your home as it takes minimal capital to start this business. This business is one of the most profitable small scale business as you just need a small space, raw material, and only a few people for your help to make biscuits. For getting success in the bakery business, you need to take care of marketing your business and know the taste that your clients are looking for. After knowing how much the demand is, you can choose the products you need to make. The primary things that would be required for setup for your business are an electric oven, grinder, mixer, and raw materials.

3. Chocolates


Everyone in the world loves chocolates and starting this business can be great idea if you love making chocolates. This business does not require high investment, nor does it require a lot of marketing strategies. People who love chocolates like trying new flavors and variants are needed for this business. Nowadays many people prefer homemade products and foods over chemically made products, and the same goes for chocolates. Homemade chocolates are healthier and even tastier and good for children’s, so there is a massive requirement for chocolates in the market. The demand for this business increases even more during the festive season like Christmas, many people gift each other chocolates. You can also take orders from a pastry shop or can deliver in hotels and restaurants in their bakery.

4. Fertilizer Production

Fertilizer Production

Fertilizer production is the best manufacturing business idea for women’s who wish to work in their own place. There is a high demand for fertilizers all over globe as they are essential for plant growth. Local farmers are always in need of fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides for their crop cultivation. If you are into farming business and then you would have various ideas for making fertilizers. There are many agricultural country in the world and two-third of the land of those process is used for cultivation. The farmers need fertilizers to make the soil more fertile to increase production of their business. Nowadays organic farming has become a trend because many people are more and more awareness on healthy living. Thus, you can start preparing organic fertilizer it would be with natural products so it would help you earn a lot of money from it.

5. Furniture Making

Furniture Making

Nowadays everyone wants a magnificent interior, designed interior, and it is incomplete without the right furniture. This furniture making business has excellent growth prospects and has good export potential as well. Furniture is an indispensable item for households, schools, and even businesses as each one of us needs a table, chair, beds, sofa, etc. Decided to starting a small scale furniture business can be a great idea. You would need some initial capital of 1 to 5 lakhs, but there is no such limit in this business as it depends on the quality of wood you have and the type of products you manufacture for your business. Just like any other manufacturing business if you do hard work, make good quality products, and offer great prices to your customers only then you can earn the right clients.

6. Frozen Fruit And Vegetables

Frozen Fruit And Vegetables

Frozen vegetables and fruits business is best for importing and distributing to other areas there have been tons of fresh fruits and vegetables are wasted. This huge quantity of fruits and vegetables can be used by putting it in cold storage by freezing it for later uses. Apple can be stored, and jam can be made with that and tomatoes can be used to create a paste, frozen peas, etc. are all in high demand today.

If you store these in the seasonal times or also in other times then you can sell them later at high prices and earn a tremendous amount of money. These frozen fruits and vegetables are high in demand and nutrition and have a vast demand globally. Nowadays awareness is less about this topic and hence, the producers are less. Therefore, you can start this small scale business with less investment initially and earn money but can expand it as you get more and more clients.

7. Jewellery Making

Jewellery Making

Before Imitation jewellery has always been in done, because of trend and secondly because of economically weaker segments of the society. Always women are too much interested of matching jewelry and also they like buying imitation jewelry for matching. Before starting this business, If you want to enter this field then you need to follow the trend of making and use your expertise to make the jewellery look better. This business is definitely gaining more and more popularity and money because of the increasing prices of gold, diamond, and silver. You can ownly design and create this jewellery and sell it online or offline and open a small store or can also sell it to a third party store. This business needs a minimal amount of investment because of technology and you can start this work from your home also.

8. Disposable Cups And Plates

Disposable Cups And Plates

Manufacturing cups and plates is a low investment business has gained a lot of demand because of the ban on plastic. If you are interested and entering into this business of disposable crockery can be very profitable for you with low cost of investment. These items such as disposable cups and plates are vastly used in parties, functions, picnics, and get together. People prefer buying them because of its cost and they need not wash them and are very light in weight. Nowadays street food vendors also use disposable plates and crockery, now the trend has changed to disposable plates and crockery. In fact, now the straws, knives, forks, cups and many items are also made of paper. These disposable items are pretty expensive because of its demand and if designed well, you can try your idea in this business.

9. Concrete Blocks Manufacturing

Concrete Blocks Manufacturing

Concrete blocks or tiles manufacturing are the precast solid cement concrete products. Many countries in the world have been witnessing a boom in the construction business because of both residential buildings to making of bridges, malls, or industries and other constructions. Many years ago the red bricks were in trend, but now people have started using these concrete bricks for their construction because of their looks and durability. The major reason for this is why builders use these concrete blocks is that as they are readymade and it helps them complete the projects timely.  Nowadays they are widely used in making a garden path, pavement, flooring, wall,  and other items. You can start this business by using simple machinery and raw material with minimal investment. Its investment is low and demand is high so you can earn more profit in this business.

10. Homemade Butter

Homemade Butter

Starting a butter business is a best idea and you can do it yourself without the help of others. In urban areas many people do not get pure butter and therefore, they have to buy chemically made products without the knowledge.  Cottage butter has various health benefits for everyone and there are very few manufacturers of it. Therefore, if you have sources for doing this business then you can start your own small scale business of producing cottage butter successfully. If you make pure butter and it tastes well, then you can earn a lot of money with that and selling it in the cities. This business would require a low cost of capital of around 2 lakhs as you would need to buy cattle and rent a space for this business where you can keep them and also their feed.

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