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Pergola Ideas UK – Top 10 Garden Pergola Ideas

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One of the most sought out design elements in any home is the pergola. It is a special place for entertainment, reflection, and enjoyment. While it may not be suitable for every backyard, it’s worth considering if your home has room for this distinct structure. Choosing the best pergola ideas is not a big task.

A pergola can provide shade from hot summer sun or cold winter wind; provide flow to your outdoor living space; and even act as an extension of your roof if it is low enough to fit in. In addition, a pergola comes in a variety of colors and styles that add interest to your front or back yard.

As long as the design fits with your home’s architectural style, you can use your imagination to create a beautiful setting for relaxation and fun. Here we will see some of the ideas that would fit your needs if you’re in UK.

10 Best Pergola Ideas in UK

1. A pergola in rustic wood that defines the entrance

This wooden construction with sections and shafts makes an extra element that complements the passage of the house. Without the pergola, the passageway would not look also characterized as it is presently.

The surface and warmth from the wood give the passageway a fascinating natural look. The open construction is great all alone. Moreover, the shadows cast on the ground by each shaft carry dramatization to the plan.

2. Small, and framing the Entrance Door

This façade utilizes normal materials, including stone and wood, which are upheld by an iron construction. As should be obvious, the wooden pergola lays on the solid iron construction that is the primary bar offering help to the highest-level plate of the façade.

A pergola in rustic wood that defines the entrance

In this plan, the wooden pergola goes about as a cover over the space at the passageway. It’s more enriching than practical as it gives insignificant shade and security.

3. Not a Straight Pergola

At the point when a house has an exceptional plan, which doesn’t follow straight lines, the pergola at the passage should coordinate with the general style.

With a light help structure and a plan proper to the façade of the house, this pergola is an illustration of how you can deal with the façade without straight lines or exceptionally elaborate surfaces. The daintiness and effortlessness are joined with natural shapes, in this plan.

4. A closed Pergola but not entirely

This passage seems as though it is totally in the shade, because of the plan of the pergola that covers it. In this plan, the pergola is exceptionally light and buoys on a help on the mass of the passage nook.

You have inclusion alongside halfway straightforwardness, permitting the passageway to be shielded from abundance of sun or downpour, without totally impeding the section of light through the little holes in the components that make it.

Not a Straight Pergola

5. Modern Metal Design

As should be obvious, the plan of a pergola doesn’t really need to be straight or direct. It tends to resemble the one in this façade that has a blend of sheets of various measurements, which structure an exceptionally decent cover.

The material utilized is metal, with a comparable look and finish, as the edge fence of the house. It lays on the stone divider on one side and a metal section on the other.

6. Pergola incorporated in a Concrete roof

This advanced house has a straightforward plan, yet the subtleties in the passage incorporate a pergola incorporated into the substantial cover over the space.

Wood is a significant piece of this plan as it tends to be seen on the shut entryway just as in the latticework, which mirrors a pergola, on the substantial rooftop.

Modern Metal Design

7. All wooden entrance and Pergola

This pergola glides over the passage, with no outside upholds other than the mass of the passageway region. The iron construction protects a wooden pergola, made of material like the one utilized in the entryway and board of the fundamental passageway of the house.

It’s a superb plan that joins well with the normal stone on the dividers, making high and low elements that carry a fascinating look to the veneer.

8. Make your pergola more noticeable

The house has a huge passage with a straight way that is flanked by plant life on the two sides. The region on the left is covered by a pergola that permits the plants to appreciate sifted daylight so they can develop and be solid. It’s an all-around planned arrangement that amplifies the passageway of the house, featuring the changed sorts of covers and the lovely setting of the elaborate plants on one or the other side.

9. With Large beams

This is a passage with huge shafts that characterize a totally shut pergola over the ventured entrance with brilliant floors and enormous measurements.

You can accomplish this look with wooden bars, iron or cement. It is a glorious way of featuring a passage with an unmistakable construction by successfully complementing the space assigned for the passageway.

Make your pergola more noticeable

10. Entrance Covering Pergola

Rich, light and in an appealing shade of blue, this light pergola fills in as a cover for the passageway of the house, covering the way with a glossy floor, yet additionally the parallel space made out of substantial tiles, stones and decorative plants.

This pergola configuration covers the whole space in the passageway and is upheld by the border divider on one side and the mass of the house on the other. A plan doesn’t upset the remainder of the components in the passage, and it is open and light.


You can build a pergola from sections or planks, which allow you to move them around as needed. Or you can create an enclosed structure and cover it with panels and material. Both options will require extra work and planning, but the added flexibility and security will make these modular structures worth your consideration. Also you can checkout some fencing ideas.

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