Top 10 Free Remote PC monitoring softwares

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Tools and functionality for remote desktops have been available for a long time. Most of these tools and capabilities were created with IT administrators and managers in mind, making it simple for IT support professionals to access linked machines via a master’s computer. Fortunately, there are many remote desktop tools and features available to help you blur the lines between your devices.

Here’s a list of ten of them. We purposefully selected a few that will be most valuable to commercial IT administrators, as well as a number that would be most helpful to specific users and one-person enterprises.

10 Best Free Remote PC Monitoring Software

1. TeamViewer


A powerful online collaboration tool for virtual meetings and presentation sharing, TeamViewer is available in both premium and free editions. In addition to providing full-time access to distant computers and servers, it also includes support for online meetings with a maximum of 25 participants and several other essential features. In the event that you’re a businessperson who plans to have online meetings or training sessions, TeamViewer may be a wonderful choice for you.

2. Splashtop


Splashtop, another of our top remote desktop applications, has more than 15 million users throughout the world and is one of our most popular. In addition, if you’re in the education field, there’s a specific edition that may help you bring your classroom to life, as well as various versions for personal, corporate, and enterprise use.

3. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

Amazed? On the other hand, Google Chrome provides a fantastic plugin for remote desktop access! It helps you to arrange your computer so that it may be accessed securely from a distant location. Because there is almost no interruption throughout the connection, this might be a fantastic solution for your remote desktop environment. Setting it up might be a bit time-consuming, but once you’ve finished, it more than compensates for it with the number of functions it offers.

4. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft, the venerable company, also provides a remote desktop service. The Remote Desktop function in Windows 7 enables you to remotely operate your computer from anywhere in the world over a secure network connection, even if you are not physically there. Despite the capability being included with all Windows 7 versions, the connection may only be established between machines running the Enterprise, Ultimate, or Professional editions of Windows 7.

5. TightVNC


Virtual Network Computing, sometimes known as VNC, is a graphical desktop sharing system that makes use of the remote frame buffer protocol to allow one computer to control another computer from a distance. TightVNC makes use of this technique to deliver a high-quality remote desktop monitoring solution to its customers. Because of its extensive support for a wide range of operating systems, this remote desktop solution is very popular with corporate users and information technology administrators. The following is one of the most effective solutions if you’re seeking a free remote control software package.

6. Mikogo


Is it your goal to find a remote desktop program that will enable you to share your computer with a large number of users while maintaining a high level of quality? If you answered yes, Mikogo is the ideal choice for you. A few of the incredible services Mikogo provides to its customers include presenters switching, remote control, a whiteboard, file sharing, and session recording, to name a few. Mikogo is a complete screen-sharing application worth examining if you seek a thorough screen-sharing service.

7. LogMeIn


Because of its many useful capabilities, this is one of the most often used remote desktop sharing programs. Advanced setup options for corporate users are among the most apparent characteristics of this product. This is one of the most prominent characteristics of this application. Anyone who wants the ability to share documents, transfer files, or perhaps even perform remote publishing from any internet browser will find LogMeIn to be an ideal alternative. Aside from all of this, it is very fast and produces high-quality photos.

8. pcAnywhere


It is a technology developed by the well-known online security business Symantec that enables you to use a laptop to access and control another desktop from a remote location using a web browser. The use of this technology will enable you to instantly retrieve files, see records and information, and even resolve numerous challenges using just a single, secure connection. pcAnywhere is a simple application that works with a variety of operating systems and platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and the Microsoft Pocket PC.

9. GoToMyPC


The GoToMyPC remote access application is another free program that allows you to access your computer from any location in the world. Suppose you carry out your business operations on a mobile device or tablet and desire to connect to your workstation from any location in the globe or from home. In that case, GoToMyPC is the ideal answer for you. AES-based data encryption is also promised, with the most significant part being that it is quite simple to install and begin using immediately.

10. Radmin


This remote desktop sharing technology, also known as remote administration, is available in both free and paid editions. In addition, it comes with two separate modules, referred to as the “Server Module” and the “Client Module,” which must be installed on the computers or systems that will be cooperating remotely. More ideal for users who desire to access network machines remotely over a local area network (LAN) or the internet. Individual users will not be as interested in these solutions as IT administrators.


Has your company been successfully using a remote desktop for many years and would want to have it included in our list? Do you have anything to say about the remote desktop software we’ve picked, either positively or negatively? Write to us in the comment section.

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