Top 10 Paypal Alternatives To Use In UK

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1. Stripe


Stripe is one of the payment processing platform. This app provide functions like accept credit card, manage subscriptions, send money and run this app as a marketplace. Strike is a global payment network. It accepts more than 135 currencies and it also easy to use. Customer can do online payment, subscriptions businesses, marketplaces and software platforms everything in a one area. Stripe is popular for its speedy and secure payment processing method. Thousands of companies use stripe for their business such as lyft, amazon, slack, glossier, shopify and airbnb. Stripe is certified PCI service provider Level 1.

2. Skrill


Srill is one of the online payment method. You can send and receive money with skrill anywhere. Skrill online payment works in three steps. First you need to create an account and need to complete the verification steps. Next make your payments and finally withdraw funds. This is a digital wallet provider and it was established in 2001. It offers range of online payment and money transfer services. This skrill payment system from United Kingdom is headquarters in London.  Skrill become one of the member of paysafe group on 2015.

3. Bluesnap


Blusnap is a global online payments company and it looks at ecommerce a little differently. Bluesnap is a payment experts, veteran developers, technologists, and also a business professionals. This company mainly focused on customer service and looking to find a better way of payment. This company accepts payments and design the customer experience. Bluesnap contains more than 100 global payment methods and it connected to 30 global banks. This is a all in one payment platform. You get everything and also you need to sell globally built in. It contains expert guidance, intelligent solutions and live support to customers. It reduces cost through an approach to accepting global payments.

4. Google Pay

Google Pay

Customer can pay and receive money instantly using existing bank accounts through google pay. It is a online payment of safe, simple and helpful way to manage your money. Using google pay you can fastly processing your money to others, and it easy and secure way of sending money online. It is a digital wallet and online payment platform from google. This company introduced mobile payment app in the year of 2020. It tied to your google account to process online payment. This app deals with all banks and it works through BHIM UPI ID to process money.

5. Payoneer


Payoneer is the best alternative for online business including freelancers or professionals, then Payoneer will be the better alternative to PayPal in the UK. Payoneer helps to make the payments quickly and also offers low-cost international calls. Payoneer are specialized in diverse markets and industries which support all business. It does not a matter of whether your site focuses on online advertising, e-commerce, or vacation rentals. It access nearly 4 million users in more than 200 countries and making business payment very easy and withdrawal of funds worldwide. The benefits of this app is fast, easy,flexible and secure.

6. Propay


ProPay is the trusted Payment service provider in the world and the best alternative for PayPal in the UK. ProPay also provides global disbursement and commission payment options. ProPay offers a Secure and economical payment solution for all organizations such as small, home-based entrepreneurships to multi-billion-dollar businesses requiring complex payment solutions. ProPay is an owned subsidiary of TSYS and is a leader in the payment industry. Propay is a versatility and flexibility company, easy integration and SaaS provider, accounting, merchant funding system and it has end to end payment security. It contains low processing fees upto 2.69 % of per transaction.

7. Shopify payments

Shopify payments

Shopify was established in 2013 and it is a basic shopify account plan it begins at $29 per month. Shopify Payments enables sellers to bypass third-party services and accept all major credit and debit card payments directly on shopify store. Transaction details are synced with each and every Shopify order, so all of your data is gathered in one place to access payment. It is also highly versatile for shop owners, customers and consumers and can also be used with social media accounts, Amazon, and eBay. additionaly Shopify Payments converts to Shopify POS (point of sale) so the sellers can use this same feature in their brick and mortar locations as well.

8. 2checkout


This company was established in 2006 and it has three pricing plans as transaction charges start at 2.9%. Sellers who encounter a lot of international business really benefit from this payment service. 2CheckOut accepts 45 types of payment methods, 87 currencies and it translates in 30 languages and is accessible in over 200 countries. The users are able to customize the checkout experience to meet the needs of international customers. Security is always a concern with online payments and even more so for international transactions. 2CheckOut is on the case of payment. They provide more than 300 fraud checks on each transaction and payments.

9. QuickBooks Payments

QuickBooks Payments

QuickBooks Payments are the best when bank accounts are linked with the QuickBooks accounting software. QuickBooks payments was established in 2001 and this is a best online payment method for UK business in London. It simplifies financial tracking services and keeps you from having to manually enter data. QuickBooks Payments focuses on offering simple, user-friendly finance tools and also to small businesses. Sellers can use it to build and send invoices to user and accept mobile card payments, perform ACH bank transfers, and schedule recurring billing and auto-pay reminders. The users can manage employees more efficiently by syncing payments with timesheets and payroll.

10. Wise


Transferwise is now converted wise.This is a great option for businesses to pay and process a lot of international transactions. Wise provides the actual exchange rate, with no adding inflation or additional hidden fees. Their multi currency account service comes with a debit card so that enables users to manage money in more than 40 currencies. You can run payroll, payments of charge clients, batch payments, and more. Sellers can also get invoice customers in their own currency, avoiding confusion and providing a smooth transaction process. The international customers put money into their nation’s Wise account after wise sends you the equivalent amount to your account. Money never crosses borders in wise so international transactions are extremely fast and easy.

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