Pavement Licences – What is it & How to apply?

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What is Pavement Licences, and how to apply for them?

Businesses throughout the economy have been impacted by the Covid-19 epidemic, with many being forced to close their doors for many months and others being forced to alter their business operations dramatically. With the economic re-opening, the Government announced on June 25, 2020, a further and urgent easing of planning and licensing restrictions to assist the hotel sector in its recovery from the coronavirus lockdown by eliminating short-term impediments that may have stood in their way.

The requirements of the Licensing Act 2003 are amended by the provisions of the Act, which provide for automatic extensions to the periods of on-sale alcohol licences to enable off-sale alcohol operations. This will enable individuals to maximise their potential while still adhering to the social distance norms, which are also introduced by the legislation.

As of right now, approvals for tables and chairs in Eden are provided by Cumbria County Council as Pavement licences, which are issued in accordance with Part 7A of the Highways Act 1980. Fees vary amongst local councils, and there is a time-consuming 28-day consultation process before you may apply. Businesses will benefit from the new temporary measure, which sets a ceiling on their application fees and provides:

  • A new 14-day determination period.
  • Guaranteeing that they may get licences in a timely and cost-effective way.
  • Assisting them in their efforts to rebuild their financial standing.

What is Pavement License?

What is Pavement License

A pavement licence is available to establishments in the hospitality industry, including restaurants, bars, and cafés. This implies that they may set up tables and chairs on the sidewalk in front of their establishments and offer food and beverages outdoors in a manner that keeps clients safe from COVID-19. This is a temporary ‘fast-track’ application procedure introduced to the current pavement licencing requirements to assist in the economy’s recovery after COVID/19. According to the new agreement, it will be in place till the end of September 2022, at the very latest. Currently, there is no price associated with the Pavement Licensing programme.

If you think that you are eligible or not? Then, read on further.


A company that uses (or intends to use) facilities to sell foods and drinks for consumption may submit an application for a licence. Examples of businesses that are eligible for the programme include cafes, resturants, ice cream parlours and many more such businesses.

A licence allows a business to sell or serve food or drink from furniture put on the highway and enable individuals to consume food or drink that has been provided from or in connection with the usage of the premises if the furniture is placed on the highway by the business.

Eligible Locations

Permissions to operate on roadways stated in section 115A(1) of the Highways Act 1980 are the only ones that may be issued under this provision. Most of the time, they are walkways that are only accessible to pedestrians or roads and areas where vehicle access is limited or forbidden. Highways maintained by Network Rail or crossing across Crown property are free from this requirement.

How to Apply for the Pavement License?

How to Apply for the Pavement License

The following information must be included in every application to the local government:

  • explain in detail the location and portion of the relevant highway
  • It is your responsibility to provide food or drink from or in connection with the appropriate usage of your premises in both instances.
  • Specification of Days and Hours
  • contain or be accompanied by such proof of public liability insurance in respect of any furniture on the highway
  • Local governments may demand that applications be submitted on a standard form.

Process of Pavement License

Part 7A of the Highways Act 1980 grants most other pavement permissions. The price for the Highways Act procedure varies per local authority, and the consultation time is 28 days.

Cost of Pavement License

Fees will be decided on a case-by-case basis but will not exceed £100.

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