Top 10 IT companies in UK

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1. Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink infosystem is one of the top UK mobile add development company. This company developed hundreds of mobile apps equipped with simple functionalities. They are flexibly adapts to customers budget and create mobile apps to their convinence. The company Have an App development team and having certifications for two main platform of IOS and Andriod. Hyperlink Infosystem develop native apps and cross-platform apps. This company develop all types of mobile application to customers. They develop and design applications based on their user experience. Hyperlink infosystem developed more than 3200 apps and 40+ projects. Google, oracle, salesforce and aws are their official partner.

2. Intive


Intive is a designing and engineering of digital products company in UK. They combine design and digital technology to create a powerful digital experiences to customers and users. They create digital products with better design and technology to make a difference in world. Intives key attitude is to belive in people, Drive change, Listen carefully, seek common ground, stay open and aim high. This company has 20 years of experience working with market leading companies in UK. Intive company’s client are Discovery, Blackberry, Tandem, symrise and more. Their design gives you a tech-enabled experience.

3. DataArt


Dataart makes technology work for their customers and it was located in London. This company was established in 1997 and they do technology consulting firm. They are having more than 3500 engineers who build bespoke software. DataArt work all areas of software development and they partner with clients to develop technical strategy and also manage technology challenges. DataArt uses new solutions using best technology. Their partners are ocado technology, unilever, betfair, trainline, monex Europe, Hive, Doddle and Zesty. They provide services such as bespoke software development, system modernization, technology consulting, on-demand IT, managed support and solution design.



AKQA company performs as a digital design and communication agency. It was founded in London and in the year of 1994. Afterthat AKQA was expanded international company on 2001. It was converted into independent agency until 2012. This company was owned by WPP. WPP is one of the creative information company in London. AKQA is defined as All Known Questions Answered. There are more than 2,200 professional employees worked in AKQA. This is one of the worlds leading marketing agencies in 2012. This company has great place for creative and passionate work. It uses the application of art and science to create ideas and services.

5. Waracle


Waracle company has most talented people in their industry. Waracle built a company of expert technologists with designing, building and delivering digital solutions. It undertakes innovative technology with ambitious clients. Waracle is a mobile app developer company and its headquarters is in Scotland. It exposes valuable work created by people who worked for their company with the purpose for clients with vision. Waracle are ambitious about providing mobile solutions to users. It drives meaningful, real-world impact. This company is working in financial services, healthcare, or energy. Waracle teams have the extensive industry experience to guide your business needs.



BJSS is an award winning IT consultancy in London. It was established in 1993. It was located in London, new York, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Glassgow, Bristol, Nottingham and Houstan. BJSS is strategic delivery partner for clients in both public and private sectors. BJSS is a cost effective access company. It provides comprehensive portfolio of services of analytical approaches. It provide services such as app development, data science, big data analytics, AI, automation, machine learning and etc. The quality of work and the culture of people in BJSS make obvious alternative to clients.

7. Cyber Infrastructure Inc

Cyber Infrastructure Inc

Cyber infrastructure services are designed to take the business to the next level and it achieve the success. This company  was empowered by 12+ years of experience in the field of IT. Cyber infrastructure having right method to help your business with all of their technology. This company providing exceptional technology solutions and services that always gives the company globally recognized standards and latest technology trends. This company provides highly optimized solutions and services across all over the industry domains. Some of the services provided by this company such as application development, mobile application development, open source development, business intelligence and analytics, business process management, cloud infrastructure implementation, front-end design and digital marketing.

8. Packetlabs


Packetlabs is an IT consulting services company. This company was specializing in expert penetration testing. It offer a number of services such as web & mobile application testing, infrastructure penetration testing, social engineering, red team exercises, source-code reviews and exploit development. This company clients are from technology, media, retail, government, healthcare and financial. This company is ready for more than a VA scan.  Packetlabs company consultants are continuously learn new ways to give controls in modern networks.

9. Sapizon Technologies

Sapizon Technologies

Sapizon Technologies is one of the leading IT Services & Solutions company. This company rendering digital transformation to business organizations at global scale. Sapizon  company was started in 2015 and enhance the business world and help their client progress in their respective domains. They providing services all around the world in countries like Australia, UAE, Thailand, India, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Philippines, and more. Sapizon Technologies headquarters is in Gandhinagar, India. They render complete transparency and flexibility to their clients while working on a project and deliver the best work in minimal time.

10. Eleks


ELEKS is a one of the top 100 Global Outsourcing company in world. Eleks are partner with enterprise clients and SMEs.  They express their value through innovative technologies. Eleks having more than 2,000 experts. Eleks was located across Europe and the US. Eleks provide full range of software services to clients. They provide services such as product design, data science, custom software development, quality assurance, R&D, smart teams and support and maintenance services. Helping Industries of Eleks such as logistics, retail, finance, agriculture, healthcare and government, and digitally transform their operations for almost 30 years.

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