How Much Investment Need To Get British Citizenship?

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Great Britain is a best country with a high standard of living, entertaining, having many tourist place, quality medicine, a developed education system, and a rich cultural life. This place is very comfortable to work here and raise children.

1. Benefits Of British Citizenship

Benefits Of British Citizenship

Becoming a British citizen comes with many benefits and want to get a British citizen you will be entitled to the same rights as all other British citizens such as the right to live, work and study in the UK indefinitely without any hesitations. Next British citizens are not subject to any immigration restrictions and can live in the UK free from immigration rules.

There are some right to get a British passport. The British passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world because it allows visa-free travel to 139 countries across the globe as well as a further 7 countries with travel authorization has get online  and 38 countries in which you can apply for a visa upon your arrival rather than prior to it. With a UK passport you can travel freely in and out of the United Kingdom country and this passport can also be used to prove your right to residency in the United Kingdom.

After getting british citizenship you have the right to vote in elections and this includes local and national elections as well as referendums, you will also have the right to stand for public office. You are getting rights to free healthcare in UK. All British citizens can access free healthcare through the UK’s national health service by the NHS. Also you gey a right to claim public funds in UK gov. This includes a variety of benefits to citizens.

2. How To Get British Citizenship

How To Get British Citizenship

You can apply for citizenship if you were lived in the UK for about 5 years and have had one of the following for 12 months  of period such as indefinite leave to remain in the UK country.  You have settled status and also known as indefinite leave to remain under the EU Settlement Scheme. Contains indefinite leave to enter the UK and get permission to move to the UK permanently from abroad.

You must also have some eligibilities to get citizenship such as you be over 18 and  prove you were in the UK exactly 5 years before the day the Home Office receives your application. You need to prove  your knowledge of English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic. You have passed the life in the UK test and intend to continue living in the UK. You need to be of good character – read the naturalisation guidance

There are some of the residency requirements such as you must have lived in the UK for at least 5 years before the date of your application. You also should not have been broken any UK immigration laws. You must have been physically present in the UK exactly 5 years of period before the Home Office receives your application.

Your application may be rejected if you were not in the UK exactly 5 years of period before the Home Office received it. This depends on the reason why you were not in the UK for mentioned period. The Home Office will consider if there are special circumstances such as you were not able to live in the UK at the start of the 5 year period because of health reasons or travel restrictions and also you were told to leave the UK during the 5 years but this decision was later overturned.

3. Three Stages Of Obtaining British Citizenship

Three Stages Of Obtaining British Citizenship

To get British Citizenship an applicant needs to go through three stages such as

  • Visa to get permanent residence – To get citizenship you need to get a visa that entitles you to permanent residence. Atleast you need to live in the britian for five years, so only you can apply for ILR status. During this living period, you need to stay in the UK for at least 186 days each year. The visa can be submitted over 18 years of age who has not had problems with the law. Below age 18 and above 16 you can apply Investor visa. The British citizenship can be obtained by a spouse and children under 18 years. The region of the UK such as England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in London has its own marriage and family laws. Also same sex marriage is recognized throughout most of the country. To get Visa you can apply at the British Diplomatic Post, Visa Application Center and at the UK Home Office. The applicant of visa can provide photographs, a passport, a certificate of no criminal record for the last 10 years from each country and a proof of income
  • Permanent residence – After getting visa that open the way for permanent residence in the UK. There are six types of visa such as Investor visa, sole representative visa, global talent visa, start up visa, innovator visa and work visa, the work visa can be obtain from the company with an employee quota. The sole representative visa is only for the business representative in the UK. The Global Talent Visa is used for academics, cultural and scientific workers in UK. The startup visa is for startup business which is not available in UK. The innovator visa is issued for the IT sector and is extremely rare due to the complexity of the design. The ILR can be given only after five years of living in the UK. Registration for permanent residence in two or three years is done after an investor visa Tier 1 Investor.To apply permanent residence in UK you need to fill an application form of Home office website and also need to upload scans of the necessary documents. For Investor Visa, it can expedited processing service, Premium Service takes upto five days to process, and the super premium service takes upto 24 hours. This service is available on weekdays and after the submission of biometric data. After receiving 12 months of permanent residence. You can apply for citizenship, and the main thing in this process is that the applicant not to leave the UK for more than 90 days this year.
  • Citizenship – The main conditions of obtaining british citizenship is that you need to live in the UK for six years or more than that. You need to comply with the laws of the country. You need to have sufficient income note to depend on the state. You need to maintain relationship with the country with working or doing business.

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