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Best 10 Innovative Food Business Ideas To Do In London

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United Kingdom has a diverse selection of food preferences and some are popular preference among society. The United Kingdom has seen many variety of food and snacks from across the world. Most of the foods will be quick to assume like junk food such as chocolate and crisps, this is always come out on top as the nation’s favorite food. According to google search UK’s top foods are listed from alcoholic beverages to vegetables and which are most likely to drive profits.

1. Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic Drinks

Selling alcoholic drinks in UK is a great opportunity and this business market is highly competitive. First you take some time to create a business plan and create every details about your financials and marketing strategy, this leads you to get good stead to succeed.  The main important thing in launching your own beverage company is to developing the brand. This is actually a time consuming process, also you had a look at financing, ingredient sourcing, package design, formulation, distribution and more. For starting a drink business, you will meet with project leader and discuss your idea for your new beverage company. After you get the best beverage formulation you need to work on getting ready for production.

You need to get alcohol license for starting your drink business. Business organizations and individuals who sell or supply alcohol in UK must have a license or other authorization from a licensing authority. The Home office in UK will overseen the law and policy of governing’s. The organizations like pubs and bars, cinemas, theatres, nightclubs, late-opening cafes, takeaways and supermarkets who sell alcohol and beverages, they must have to get license.

Next plan your production run to ensure all the works are correctly done according to you preference. Before publishing your drink to the market you need to make sure that your drink has a stable shelf life which means how long does the color, taste and aroma hold up. There is also a companies like Flavorman, helps you to create your dream drinks company.

2. Chocolate


Chocolate is the UK’s top five most searched for foods. All are loving sweet treat and chocolate tends to be the go to option for many. Chocolate is a treat it was enjoyed by all kinds of people all year round. Mostly Christmas season being a key contributor for chocolates. There are many number of people only takes up a vegan lifestyle, so searches for vegan chocolate also increased. In this situation, selling and preparing chocolates business is a best idea to do. In relation to this, sales of confectionary goods items are found to have a profit margin of around 25 per cent and this is a another healthy contribution to your revenues.

3. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables

Starting your own business in the UK and this was not easy but you are having a proper business plan for a business will help you to achieve your goal and success. To start a vegetable and fruit store in UK is a best decision and it also takes time to succeed. First you need to understand all the aspects of your business idea and it will be the key to getting the fruit and vegetable store business running successful. You can also develop your own business plan or there is also a free business plan builder like will help you to develop your business plan.

After completing business plan you need to find available funding or speak with a funding adviser. The cost for starting fruits and vegetable business is little high.

4. Energy Drinks

Energy drinks

Energy drinks have been a popular source for the day to day boost for everyone and in UK it will be so popular and this business hits on peoples. The searches on Google shows this sales will gradual increase during the last three years, from the lowest point of 63,580 searches in December 2017, to the highest of 243,400 in May 2020.

Energy drinks may not come as a surprise, especially considering energy drinks tend to be a go-to source of fuel for many, shops and restaurants they have financially benefited from selling drinks in more ways than one. The slush machines are proven to be incredibly beneficial for businesses and it can bring an average gross profit margin of 80 per cent to your business.

5. Snacks


snacks business are place in the UK’s top five food selling business. This can be sold from mid-day treats to late night bites, all are love to indulge in a snack every now and then so snacks business is best for a startup.  The UK’s snack preferences have been influenced by American culture too but it also hit in UK, and in recent years searches for snacks such as beef jerky increased in june month.

6. Popcorn


Popcorn is a very popular snack and it was consumed in many different regions. If you are choosing to start a popcorn business has a lot of potential. The startup costs and the preparation of popcorn cost is fairly simple and affordable for all peoples compared to some other options. popcorn shops take this staple snack to the next level of taste and experiment with different flavors of popcorn.

Some of these popcorn flavors are classic and common such as butter, caramel, cheddar etc. With this type of popcorn business you can experiment with some wild and unusual combination things such as buffalo wing or Oreo. Another interesting element is that most popcorn businesses are running successfully on theatres and other commercial areas.

There are four important reasons for you to consider going down the popcorn business model such as Low Startups Costs, potentially a home based business setup, high Profit Margins and speaking recession proof.

7. Baby Food

Baby food

Parents are more conscious about their babies and what they feed their children. In this modern day having the time to make good, clean food for your baby is difficult task and even if it is something that you want. Starting a solution to this challenge that is a baby food business can offer to eliminate. Parents are looking to feed their babies natural food and also with no added preservatives, sugar, artificial colors, etc. While the preparation of baby food is fairly simple with focus being on steaming, roasting, and pureeing foods. The main thing you want to see what foods are appropriate to feed different age groups, which foods are liked by the end consumer, and you must ensure you package to preserve freshness.

This baby food industry affords you the prospect to start small with your savings and expand only when you have established business or developed to some level a certain degree of repeat client base. The world wide baby food market is a very competitive market and retail sales are forecasted to grow from $71.4 billion in 2018 to approximately and  $98.9 billion by 2024. As of April 2020, approximately, 1/5th of US consumers were reporting that they believed that they would increase spending on baby food due to the COVID-19.

The pandemic resulted in an increase in E-Commerce sales of baby products and baby food items, as many parents chose to avoid brick and mortar stores. For example, baby formula experienced a 53.2 percent increase in sales from January 20 to March, 2020 because of covid when compared to the same period last year.

8. Pet Foods

Pet Foods

Starting pet foods is best because pets are another member of the family and this means that owners want to celebrate their special occasions, their birthdays or include them in theirs. So, Having a business that provides special treats or food items for special occasions to pets and for these family members can be a great business idea to do in UK considering alone 70% of households own some kind of pet.

You could create things like pet friendly cupcakes, biscuits, advent calendars with treats in them, and other such food items. The options are limitless and you can really use your creativity skills to set your business apart.

9. Pickle Making

Pickle making

Pickle making is consider as another small scale food business idea. Pickling is an easy process who wants to work in their home, this involving fermentation and can be applied to a variety of fruits and vegetables not only to preserve them but also to add a bit of sour flavor to your favorite dishes.

This business can cater to both individual customers or give it to wholesale parties, you can contact different restaurants and food businesses hotels and offer them your product. You can made it with low production costs and storage costs the business is one with little up-front investment.

10. Organic Food Business

Organic Food Business

People are becoming more conscious about their food, what they consume preferring to buy organic food. While such food items are available in grocery stores, organic stores and super markets, they are usually limited to a single shelf of options. You can open your business to offer people a variety of organic foods in low cost to meet their search for healthy food options.

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