How to drop a pin on Google Maps?

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How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps? – Complete Guide

Dropping a pin in Google maps is a reliable and effective way of saving a location. No doubt, the process is quite user friendly and simple. This feature, along with other algorithms of Google, helps the users to easily search for the desired location and find answers to the query. It is vital that one makes use of algorithms in the right manner as they can be quite a valuable asset for businesses. It is a great way to improve the local SEO and rank higher in SERPs.

As a technique requires the expertise of the algorithms taking help from an experienced company will work great. FatRank is the one you can always trust for assistance. They have got the experience to handle the needs of every type of business and assure better ROI and success.

You need to check out the guide to understand how you can add the pin to Google maps from your desktop and mobile phone and the marketing strategies that can help improve the local SEO.

Google Maps – What is it?

Google map is a popular web mapping platform that uses satellite imaging, aerial photos and street maps to find a specified location and get the direction. This helps plan the route accordingly. The app has shown a great increase in popularity since its release.

How to drop a pin on Google Maps

There are new updates and features added to it so as to keep up with the changing landscape. But you must know that this simple navigation can do a lot more than simply providing assistance with the location. It has the potential to become a driving factor for getting quality content ideas.

Dropping pin in Google Maps (Mobile)

If you plan on adding a pin to the Google map using a mobile application, then the process for both iPhone and Android models happens to be the same. Follow the steps for success.

  • On your tablet or mobile phone, open the Google Maps
  • Search for the desired location. Use the zoom-in features to identify and clearly see the area you want to pin.
  • You need to tap and hold the screen until you see a pin icon again.
  • You will now see a box containing the coordinates and address appearing at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now tap on this location to share, add or save a label.

Dropping pin in Google Maps (Desktop)

You will find that Google maps are more convenient and user friendly on mobile applications. However, the process for adding a pin on the desktop happens to be a lot more similar.

  • Visit the homepage of the Google maps
  • Search for the address. You can easily zoom around until you find the exact location
  • Click on the location
  • You will notice a small grey pin appearing at the location. Besides, an information box will also come up on the screen. It will be present at the bottom.
  • When you click on this new information box, there will be a new panel on the left end side of your screen. It will contain the information and give you multiple options to save the pin.

Google Maps - What is it

Using the pinned location to the best

Once you have pinned a location, there are multiple ways you can use it.

  • Getting direction

Once you have successfully pinned the location, you will be able to use it as a start or endpoint for getting directions to a specified location. In case you are unsure about the address of the location you are trying to get to them, the dropped pins can be extremely beneficial.

  • Adding a label

Once you have dropped the pin, you can use a phrase or name to add a label. It will help remember the location. The label will then stay across the Google account and appear on any version of the map you are accessing.

  • Sharing your location

When using the mobile version of Google maps, you can simply click on the Share button to share a link with your friends and family. While in the case of desktops or anything other devices, you can share the location on Twitter or Facebook by clicking on the share icon present in the menu.

  • Local SEO

Local SEO is mostly used while having the business with a physical location rank higher in the local search results. This can be especially helpful for the brick and mortar business that needs to compete with the online stores to get proper traffic. The demand for the local SEO has greatly increased since rising of Covid-19 as it has put the local business in jeopardy.

A study recently revealed that about 72% of the customer who performed local searches had visited a store within 5 miles from the location. Further, another study revealed that mobile device searches had influenced more than £1.4 billion in local SEO. The statics states why it is easy to see local SEO as an important aspect of the business.

The first step for local SEO is to claim the business listings online and ensure the location appears on Google maps. The next step is to optimise the business’s online presence with a combination of multiple factors like managing the comments and engaging with the local communities using social media platforms. You can easily manage all of these steps directly through the Google my business account.

Google Maps Marketing

You now have a clear idea of how you can drop a pin, but besides this, there are more features included in the Google maps you can find in the application that can be quite beneficial for the business for marketing purposes. Google maps marketing is a process meant for optimising the business on Google Maps to rank higher on the search engine platforms.

The better you optimise the business; the greater will be your chance to show up on the Google map search for similar businesses in the area. When someone performs a local search on Google, the three best options happen to be on the top. It is known as the three-pack. If you are listing does not appear here, then your chances of being found by the user or the visitor are quite low.

Before 2015 the local results used to appear in 7 packs. But then Google started the last four results weren’t bringing in enough traffic, so they had to reduce it to 3. Google now has got the features in three-pack based on distance, relevancy and popularity.

Dropping pin in Google Maps

Ranking higher in local search with Google maps

There are multiple strategies that can be used to improve the business ranking using Google maps. Making sure your business location is listed well on the Google map surely happens to be the first and most effective strategy. It can be done by creating a business listing.

The next step is to optimise the listing. It can be done by adding quality photos, operation hours etc. It is quite important because Google considers how complete and accurate the business listing is to bring it up on the search result.

Google map marketing is all about maintaining and getting positive customer reviews. Most companies prefer different ways of getting reviews from the customer. Some ask them to write a review after purchasing. While the others can send a link for review through a text, QR code or email.

No matter you get a bad or a positive review, it is vital to respond in the right manner. Thanking the customers for their feedback is a great way to engage with the community and respond to the bad reviews. It will help resolve the issue before it gets worse. On some occasions, there is possible for businesses to hit fake negative reviews. When this happens, the best you can do is ask the platform to take them down.

Google maps and local SEO strategies

Dropping a pin in Google Maps is a great way to remember a new location so that you can easily visit it again. This, combined with the user-friendly features, contributes greatly to the rise of Google maps. With about billions of active users, it has become a vital part of local SEO for many businesses.

To improve the local SEO ranking, the businesses are now hiring a specialised local SEO agency. Choosing the right agency is quite a big decision as it can greatly impact the traffic and the ranking.

It is the skills of agencies and knowledge about the area that keeps up with the emerging trends. The agency must be able to meet the needs and goals of the business. They must be able to come up with an effective strategy that will help improve the ranking and get positive outcomes for the business.


When you use Google maps in the right manner, it can be an asset for the business to succeed in the local SEO. But it is vital to have support from professionals so that you are able to use it to the very best and get positive outcomes. You can always rely on the professionals of FatRank for support. They have got the experience to customise the strategy and help the business get positive outcomes. As a trusted firm, they will do it all to provide you with satisfactory services.

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