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How To Cancel Sky Subscription? – Step By Step Guide

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How To Cancel SKY Subscription In UK

Sky is a leading European media and entertainment company and we are proud that Comcast Corporation has made Sky a part of their family. Our innovative products are available in six countries and connect 23 million people to the best apps and all the news, entertainment and arts they want, as well as our award-winning original content

Sky TV has a wide range of entertainment options, including movies, box sets, and sports. There are many packages that will appeal to your interests. But, is your subscription too expensive?

How can I cancel my Sky subscription

Sky TV offers many channels for free, but sports channels will be charged an extra cost. It’s worth checking if they are really necessary. You can reduce your bill by as much as PS25 if you don’t need them.

How can I cancel my Sky subscription

Sky customers can cancel their subscription by calling customer service at 03337 590 958, or using the chat function of the website. .

To cancel Sky TV, Talk or Broadband, you must give at least 31 days-notice.

Can I cancel Sky via email?

You can cancel Sky via email. To cancel your subscription, simply send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Cancel My Sky Subscription.” In the body of the email, include your name, address, and Sky account number. Your reason for cancelling will be required.

Can I just cancel my direct debit?

Sky customers may have opted to skip the long cancellation process by writing to Sky to inform it they are cancelling, and then cancelled their direct debit.

Sky warns against such actions. Sky advises against this. Its website states: “Please do not cancel your Direct Debit or other ongoing payments with us. Further payments may still be due.”

Sky payments are made a month in advance. You might be charged for the entire month even if your service is cancelled.

Can I cancel my offer if I am still within the period?

Sky contracts come with a minimum 12-, 18 or 24-month contract. Customers who cancel before the minimum period expires will be charged early termination fees.

This is a complex process that depends on what services you have and how long the contract is remaining.

The amount that you are charged will depend on the length of your minimum term, how many days have passed since your last billing, whether you have been billed in advance, which products you subscribe to and what price you pay.

If you purchased Sky Signature for PS26 per month with three months left on your contract, Sky would subtract VAT and business costs leaving PS18.18. The remaining months would then be multiplied by 3, leaving you with a final bill at PS54.54.

Are you able to switch now?

Ofcom (the communications regulator) launched a switching service in July 2015 for broadband and landline customers. This was designed to make it easier to switch.

If you’re moving from Sky to another broadband provider or phone provider, your new provider can cancel your Sky account on your behalf.

Simply choose the broadband provider or phone provider that you wish to use, and Sky will contact you. Each provider will send you a letter informing you of the services that have been cancelled / switched and the time it will take.

This service is only available for broadband and phone switching. It does not apply to Sky TV.

How do I cancel my Sky Sports subscription

How do I cancel my Sky Sports subscription?

You can cancel Sky Sports by calling 0333 759 3772. Call 0333 759 3772 to cancel your Sky Sports subscription.

Official Sky help page says that you can modify your TV package online. However, we cannot see any way. Sky confirmed that only calling Sky directly is the best method.

Talking to the retentions team may help you negotiate a lower TV package. You might have to pay an early cancellation fee depending on the contract you signed.

A Now Sports Member will give you more freedom with your Sky Sports contract. This monthly streaming pass can be cancelled at any time. Members can take advantage of discounts or other offers often offered to them.

Can you pause Sky Sports

Sadly,no. Customers had the option to temporarily suspend Sky Sports during the coronavirus to avoid missing events and games. Sky no longer offers this option, as the schedule is now business as usual.

Sky offers a better deal than I can get elsewhere.

Customers who have been on an initial offer period will often have rolled over to Sky’s default pricing. This is much more expensive.

You can get a discount if you contact Sky and tell them you want to cancel. You may need to sign up for a new 12- or 18-month contract.


We appreciate you checking online first. Although it might take longer to get in touch, sky prioritize calls from customers who have already been online. We appreciate your kindness

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