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How To Cancel Disney Plus – Step by Step Guide

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Step by Step guide to cancel Disney Plus

DISNEY PLUS was the big streaming video service of last year. It has attracted millions of users since its initial launch last month and continues to grow. It includes all of Disney’s popular films as well as other properties such Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and Star Wars. A subscription costs only a small amount for the content that you receive.

It might not be for you. You may decide to cancel the order. You might want to give it a try for seven days to see if you like.

It’s not as simple as tapping a button on the app to cancel your. Disney-Plus subscription. It depends on how you signed up for the service. Here are the various ways that you can cancel.

Cancel Disney Plus via Your Browser

You will need to open a web browser on either your mobile device or computer in order to cancel your Disney Plus subscription. Technically, you can open the app by going to My Account > Billing Details. However, this will not launch a browser.

  • Go to disney first and then log in to your account. Next, click My Profile at the top-right corner of this page. Click Account.
  • Next, in the Account section click on the Payment details link
  • You will find the subscription type and the next billing date under the Billing Details section. Click the Cancel Subscribe

4)The confirmation screen will appear asking you if you are sure that you want to cancel. It also shows you when cancellations will take place. Click the Cancel button

Step by Step guide to cancel Disney Plus

Cancel on Android and iOS

You can cancel your Disney Plus subscription if you have signed up on an Android or iPhone device for Disney Plus.

Cancel Disney Plus on Your iPhone

You can cancel any Disney Plus subscriptions you have signed up for on your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or iPad. It works in the same way cancel other subscription in ios

  1. Tap Settings to access your account name
  2. Tap iTunes & App Store
  3. Select Apple ID > View Apple ID
  4. Click on Subscriptions
  5. Select Disney Plus from your subscription list
  6. Tap to cancel your subscription and click confirm

Cancel Disney Plus for Android

You can cancel your subscription if you have signed up for an Android tablet or phone through the Play Store.

  1. Launch the Google Play Store
  2. Click the Menu and choose Subscriptions
  3. Select Disney Plus from your subscription list
  4. Tap to cancel your subscription and click confirm

How much is the cheapest Disney Plus Subscription?

  • You don’t need to pay for a subscription if heartwarming movies and nature documentaries are not enough to satisfy you.
  • The monthly Disney+ subscription costs PS7.99 per Month. However, the annual membership subscription costs PS79.90.
  • This means that you will save PS15.98 per year. That equates to two months of access for free.
  • Disney Plus does not offer tiered pricing, unlike other subscription services. There are no other options than monthly or annual subscriptions. This means that you can save money.

How much is the cheapest Disney Plus Subscription


You can still access your subscription after you cancel it, up to the end of the billing cycle. If you do decide to cancel your subscription, it is best to do so after the billing cycle has ended to give you a month to look at. You can also cancel at any time.

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