How Do Businesses Get Help With Energy Bills?

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About 20% of UK business including high street shops, pubs and restaurants energy bills in UK will doubled to actual bill amount. Operating business with these financial increase is more complex. Prices have reached new highs more than 10 times the seasonal average over the previous five years. This article shows how do business get help with energy bills in UK.

Business Electricity Prices

Business Electricity Prices

The average electricity bill for UK Business is £3,061 per year. Business gas is much lower at 2.485 pence per kWh. Business Electric charges can range from 23 pence to 27 pence per day. Many energy companies in UK will offer many schemes and grants to help the business energy efficiently.

Energy companies also offers hardship funds to Businesses in UK. For small business in UK It may cost upto 44.2p or 15,000 to 25,000 kWh per annum. For medium scale business it range upto 25,000 to   50,000 kWh per annum.

Government Business Energy Schemes

Government Business Energy Schemes

There are many government schemes in UK that provides Loans, Grants and energy saving measures to support businesses with reducing their impact on environment. You can get informations about these schemes by using GOV.UK website. Government normally help with these factors:

  • Energy efficiency measures.
  • The upfront costs of investing in energy.
  • Waste management and reduction intiatives.
  • Sustainable development initiatives.

Business Grants

Business Grants

Energy company also offer some Grants and Schemes to support small business. They provide offer depends on the business location, business sector and size of business. Eligibility for getting this offer will vary depending upon these things.

You can also get Grant through Online, using website like WRAP may offer and invest small business energy costs. You can also get some offers when you doing your business in home.

Efficient Business Energy

  • Make your business energy efficient using these way
  • Switch off computers or other equipment
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Contact consumer helpline to get more advice of energy bills.

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