Google Search Suggestions FatRank – How To Optimize For It?

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Google Search Suggestions FatRank- Complete Guide

The Google search box provides millions of people access to the data they are looking for. It is recognised as a revolutionary way of searching for things online. The Autosuggest feature here upgraded and evolved the SEO community. It is widely used in different and unique ways by digital marketers globally.

Looking for the most searched phrase, exploring user intent and finding the keywords are some of the effective ways Google use Autosuggest. When done right, it can be quite helpful for digital professionals and businesses.

You might think that the Google Autocomplete or suggestion feature is only meant for basic purposes of exploring the net, but in reality, there is a lot more. The comprehensive guide here will provide you with a better understanding of how to leverage the suggestion feature to Boost Your SEO. Here is a complete guide for you.

Triggering the API of Google is not possible for regular people. Taking help from an expert thus is extremely important. You can choose to connect with FatRank for professional support. They have got the experience to come up with an effective strategy that will work great for your business needs and help make use of the Autosuggest feature in your favour.

What do you know about Google Autosuggest?

The Google search Autosuggest is a feature that Google designed to make it easier for users to find related terms and complete their search results effectively without typing the entire thing. The feature is integrated into almost every place, like the quick search box available on the Google home page, Android phones, Chrome etc.

What do you know about Google Autosuggest

While the primary use of Google Autosuggest is to reduce the time spent by the users typing the search queries with smart predictions, they are also a great way to leverage the future to take advantage of the business.

The Google Autosuggest feature helps businesses generate content ideas, online reputation management, find keywords, explore competitors, and more. The amount of data driven tasks that can be carried out with the Google Autosuggest feature is quite wide and is proving to be the most useful tool one can use in the 21st century.

The working of Google Autosuggest feature

To make the search engine the best, Google has grown smart over time and is now coming up with new and better facilities for the users. It determines the predictions based on the user search history and the trending searches that are happening globally. It will bring in suggestions in terms of trending pages on SERPs that will be similar to the characters in the search query, along with additional factors like the location of the user.

  1. Are the Google suggestions the same everywhere?

In most cases, the search suggestions available are similar. Google Autosuggest follows the user and provides the results based on the location. For instance, if you are located in France and have looked for the best restaurants, it will provide Autocomplete suggestions of the nearby areas. When used in the UK, will provide completely different suggestions.

  1. Does the Autosuggest differ language wise?

The Google Autosuggest is based on the language used for the query. For instance, if you have a default language set as English in your Google account, then it will show the suggestions in the same language. But it will differ when you have the default set to French or Spanish.

  1. Impact of search history on Google suggestions

When doing searches while logged into your account, Google will remember those terms when it provides you autosuggestions. You can easily identify the suggestions as they will have a cross button present beside them. This is the prediction that Google provides based on your search history. Herein the remove button helps Google recognise if the user made the search for once or it will be repeated.

  1. Google Autosuggest guidelines

The Google Autosuggest feature comes with many strict guidelines, which allow certain types to be displayed to the users. The search terms contain and manage different materials that are shown on the Autocomplete suggestion like

  • Violence
  • Dangerous or life-threatening terms for animals and humans
  • Vulgar terms
  • Hate speech

Manipulating Google Autosuggest

Originally there were millions of queries that could arise using a specific keyword which is sufficient to get your query listed in the Google Autosuggest option. In fact, there are guides published on how to manipulate the suggestion using different online platforms and applications.

The process is a lot simple, with each person performing a search for a specified query and then copying the first line of the visible text. It can be done by paying a certain amount to the companies, and the queries will make way to Google Autosuggest.

However, the Google algorithm now has come a long way. Now manipulating the suggestions is a lot more complicated. Google considers factors like the frequency, the location, the manner and the rate for deciding the query that will show on the top of Google Autosuggest.

Manipulating Google Autosuggest

This means if your business is located in London, UK, you will need to hire people who reside in London to perform the searches. Note in order to manipulate the Google Autosuggest in the right manner; the searches need to come from different IP addresses.

Handling the job on your own is not possible as finding people who will help you performs such a high level of searches is not easy. You can connect with an experienced SEO expert. FatRank is the one you can rely on. They have got the experience of coming up with an effective strategy that will work well for the businesses.

Why manipulate Google Autosuggest?

Given how advanced the Google search results have become, getting there to the top will be extremely beneficial for your business. There are multiple reasons why you need to consider manipulating the Google Autosuggest feature. This includes.

  • Reputation management

Some of the companies can negatively impact the suggested queries like the brand name appearing with the word scam or other damaging terms. Herein Google Autosuggest feature can be used for removing such suggested queries and putting a positive review so that the business blooms and you get more leads.

  • Competition

The tough competition has made it quite difficult to survive. In the current scenario, your business can be associated with the competitor’s brand name or with negative terms like bad reviews, scams, etc., damaging the reputation. To stay ahead in the competition manipulating the Autosuggest feature will work well to bring in the right results.

  • Associate brand with a keyword

Using the Google Autosuggest feature can be helpful as it will allow you to add a brand name along with popular keywords that might be trending in a specific area. For instance, you can associate your web development company with query web design. So when a user searches for web design with a company name, then it will automatically suggest your business to them. 

Using Google Autosuggest for boosting SEO

There are different techniques which can be used to boost the SEO of the company. This includes.

  1. Keyword research

It is no doubt the key to SEO strategies. Having well-targeted keywords will be beneficial. The Google Autosuggest feature is great place to start. You can use it along with the Google keyword planner to find the right keywords for the content so that you stay on the top of the internet and get more visitors to your website.

No doubt, the Google Autosuggest feature will give you the right direction to start the keyword search process. In fact, it can even help you in refining the existing strategies by giving an idea about the latest trending topics that can be beneficial for your business.

  1. Online reputation management

Reputation management is a great factor for which the Google Autosuggest feature can work well. There is a possibility that your brand name can be associated with some negative words like a scam which, when it appears on the auto-suggest list, can greatly damage the reputation.

When positive words are associated with your brand, you will get more business. By optimising and triggering the Autosuggest feature, you will have a better chance to build a good online presence.

For this, you can consider making use of a social media accounts for reinforcing positive conversations or choosing associated positive keywords to anchor text in the backlink of the brand name for getting the positive suggestions.

  1. Finding keywords for local SEO

The local SEO is highly important for the brands and the businesses. By using the Google Autosuggest feature, you will be able to find the trending topics or keywords that might be used a lot in a specific area. By associating the keyword with the city name with your service, you will rank higher in the local search.

  1. Creating a user-friendly website

E-Commerce platforms has greatly attracted the audience with the ease of shopping from home. The Google Autosuggest feature can help you find the most popular and trending items that can you can target in your strategy.

But you have to ensure that the website is user friendly. Herein Google Autosuggest can help you in discovering the popular categories to ensure that your website is responsive and up to date with the trends. Also, it will find associated products of the competitors that you must be aware of to come up right moves. When targeted right, it will help bring more visitors.

  1. Content ideas

No doubt, Google Autosuggest provides a great benefit in finding long-tail keywords and the terms that can be highly beneficial for discovering the related search. It can be quite essential to discover new content ideas for the website.

As the Autosuggest feature is quite popular creating content based on the suggestions will bring high traffic to the website.


No doubt, the Google Autosuggest feature will prove to be a great asset for SEO professionals, businesses and digital marketers who want to define the website’s ranking. But leveraging it to the very best requires expertise. So you should consider taking help from a skilled company. FatRank is the one you can always rely on. They have professionals who will work hard to guarantee your company gets all the benefits and stays on the top.

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