Google Autocomplete Search FatRank – How it works?

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Google Autocomplete Search FatRank- Complete Guide

Do you wish to get a specific phrase or keyword prediction in the search box? If yes, Google Autocomplete is here to help achieve the goal. The algorithm is there to save the time visitors by avoiding the need to type the entire phrase. The suggestions that will be provided will you based on the previous search and the trending topics globally. By providing a better user experience, you can greatly influence your search rankings and bring good results for your business. Understanding Google Autocomplete and using it in your favour will help save time and take the business to great heights.

As Google Autocomplete is generally disregarded by the digital marketers, you need to make an effort to find a good SEO expert who will provide you with a competitive advantage and work with your business to achieve its long term goals. FatRank is the one you can trust for assistance. They have got the professionals who can handle the business needs well. With over years of experience, they will assure your business stays on the top.

Google Autocomplete – What is it?

It is a Google search feature that suggests the search terms to the visitors and provides the convenience of finding the required data without actually having to fill in or type the phrase on their own. The suggestion here depends entirely on the past related searches, location and other associated factors. As you start typing, the prediction will alter the match until you find the desirable word or phrase.

When used properly, Google Autocomplete will help your website to get more visitors and achieve all of the long term goals easily.

Where do the Google Autocomplete, keywords come from?

Google search works by analysing the actual search results and then displaying the most trending and commonly used keywords that are similar to the character you are typing. The keywords herein are connected to the past search and the location.

Using Google autocomplete for SEO

Google Autocomplete guidelines

Google has got a specified procedure that prohibits the prediction, which violates the Google search standards. The auto-complete policies include.

  • Violence
  • Vulgar or sexually explicit
  • Hate speech or hateful activities
  • Sending away sensitive information of people
  • Dangerous content or predictions

Before you actually start planning to use Autocomplete for your SEO, you must understand the policy and the guidelines. It will help avoid any complications and guarantee your business gets the best outcome from it.

Understanding Google Autocomplete for SEO

Before evaluating Google Autocomplete predictions, you need to complete the three following steps.

  • You need to guarantee the search history does not impact the predictions you have received or utilised incognito mode for the same
  • You need to consider using a VPN if you are based in a different location than the target audience
  • Make sure the keyword is well planned to match the language preference of the individual in the targeted audience

With these settings, you will see similar suggestions to those displayed to the targeted audience. Now that the basic information is clear, we can dive deep to know about the methods to use Google Autocomplete for SEO. These are the following steps to see which one will work well for you.

Where do the Google Autocomplete, keywords come from

  1. Type and analyse the keyword

It is vital that you begin by examining the result of a specific keyword or word related to your speciality. The research is a great way to locate valuable long-tail keywords. Now you need to make use of SEO tools to assess those keywords and determine which one will be worth pursuing to get good results.

  1. Look into the alphabet

To ensure that your predictions are true, you can enter the term and then click on each of the letters to see what will appear. For instance, take business studies as a keyword. You need to type the keyword in the search box followed by the letter. With this, you will get an idea of how to produce the right content.

  1. Allow Google to complete

Besides the use of the alphabet, you can also increase search by including underscore characters in the key phase of the keyword. For instance, if your query is about the study tips, then use study _ and let Google to complete. Based on this, Google will suggest different things related to the words taking into account related content or the fast searches.

  1. Try both singular and plural keyword forms

The algorithm will show varying results when you type the same keyword in singular or plural form. Make sure you check the results as to how they differ and see which one will help bring better outcomes.

Using Google autocomplete for SEO

Google Autocomplete is quite a basic feature but has got great potential. It can make your digital marketing efforts successful. From keyword research to the online reputation, it can help with all. Besides locating popular keywords, the SEO suggestions will be quite valuable for multiple areas. Here’s how it can be used.

  1. Check the popular category

When you choose to search for men’s shoes on Google, then the results will show you men’s shoes on sale, men’s shoes size 10, indicating that people usually search for shoes on sale based on their size preference. Thus it would give you an idea to use the right keyphrase or keyword accordingly.

  1. Identifying well-known brands

When you look online for brands, you will know what people are looking for the most, like the brand, seller name, suppliers, and more. In fact, you can even learn which one of your democratic targets will buy in this way.

  1. Learning about FAQ

When you type your enquiry in Google, it will bring the most frequently asked questions. Answering these questions will help your e-commerce website to gain more visitors.

  1. Discovering keywords for local SEO

The Google Autocomplete feature can also provide local SEO queries that you might have never thought about, and the list can be quite significant. You want to see if the store is close to a popular destination like a shopping mall.

It will be easy to make up your mind that you know about the people needs or searches, but it will be worth to explore the Google Autocomplete features to have proper assurance.

  1. Building a user-friendly e-commerce website

E-Commerce in the current time is getting great business. Over 2 million people choose to purchase online each year. Despite the number of online shoppers attracting them to the website is a difficult job. By using the Google Autocomplete feature, you can find essential terms that can be targeted to improve the eCommerce business and make it more user friendly.

  1. Managing online reputation

You can make use of different tools to search for branded phrases like executive, company etc. If any search phrase appears negatively using your brand keywords, then the Google Autocomplete feature poses major harm to the public image. Here are the two ways you can choose to solve the issue.

  • Solving the problem

If the prognosis is accurate, then you need to collect the problem. The fix will not make the autocomplete problem go away instantly. But with time, people will forget about any such controversy and stop looking for it. With time the number of searches for the phrase will decrease and will eventually be removed from the phrase list.

  • Improving the image

If there is a prediction about the real event, you might help them forget about it sooner by providing something good to think about. For instance, you can highlight the best customers on the website or host an event. Further, even connecting with the clients actively through different social media channels can help establish a favourable brand.


Making use of the Google Autocomplete feature in the right way can greatly help with SEO. You can start with the process to build effective SEO strategy by using the search engine to gain more content related to the query. If you want to get good outcomes with a guaranteed ROI, you can consider contacting FatRank.

As the best SEO firm in the industry, they will be there to provide your proper support. They have got the experience to handle all types of business needs effectively. The professionals will be there to support you and bring forward positive results. With continuous effort, your business will be able to get good benefits and achieve long term goals.

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