Food Delivery Companies In UK – Top 5

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food industry is doing well on all critical situations and also in pandemic times. Mostly the takeaway delivery services running successfully on every time. There is also increases in demand for the helpers to offer new services and innovation, including in restaurant payment options and other home delivery of groceries. There is also a online business option for food delivery services.

This business is valued at more than £5 billion in the United Kingdom and it is one of the fastest growing industry in UK. A single person can spend £110 per month for food. Restaurants can give commissions as high as 30 percent to delivery companies. This blog help you to know about UK’s top food delivery companies in UK.

1. Food Hub

Food Hub

Food hub is an online portal service with some of the popular restaurants and takeout’s in customers local areas. They covered all services starting from which you want as a fancy pizza, tex-mex, sushi, noodles or a sub for lunch to dinners as a treat. You can save money while using food hub when compared with other food delivery service companies. This can be applicable even for the same meal at the same restaurant.

They don’t charge you a service fees for your food orderings. There is no service fees collected from you and also give you a combined exclusive offers from their restaurant partners, so you can save many money while using this food hub portal. They give same meal, same restaurant at best deal.

Restaurants are supporting food hub delivery, so customers can benefit from the exclusive discount they can afford by not paying that commission to any platforms.

2. Just Eat

Just Eat

Just eat also one of the best food delivery services in UK, these are developed by the coronavirus pandemic and just is one of the fastest growing services in UK. This company was founded in Denmark in 2001 and it running on a leading global hybrid marketplace for online food delivery. This company gives customer with an most secure way to order foods from its many restaurant partners and also make it easy with their technologies.

Justeat was one of the most popular operator and access with 52 percent of respondents, this can improve their business during the height of lockdown. Lockdown have really made all countries into a different sectors and changes many habits, all are worry about the safety and health. Also they are thinking about health and holidays as well as taking comfort in small treats like some nightouts and dinners treats, so this takeaway delivery companies helps to fulfill customers wish what they love at home.

3. Deliveroo


Deliveroo operates a hyperlocal three-sided marketplace in UK, they are connecting local consumers, restaurants and grocers and riders to fulfill their mission critical. They offer fast and reliable delivery which consumers can track online. This company was growing rapidly and operated in 11 markets all over the world. They are working with thousands of restaurants and grocers, riders and also services millions of consumers.

Really a food delivery business is a hyper local business. They provide best offer to consumers on  a neighborhood by neighborhood level. They have understand the customers and consumers which they want and establishing a proposition. They offer services from students to professionals or families and from city centers to  suburbs, commuter belts and small towns. Now just eat works with 160,000 restaurants and grocery partners. They also started adding a grocery partners to their platforms for the purchase of grocery when the consuemers want. Just eat works with top most largest grocery retailers in the worlds such as o-op, Conad, Carrefour, Casino, Whole Foods Market, Marks and Spencer, Picard and Waitrose.

4. Feast


First the feast was started as a late night food delivery service for London for nearby restaurants, it should deliver no more than two miles away from the customers. For this reason this delivery services deliver the food quickly and stays hot to the customers. This company was started in 2015, this can operated only on the 11pm to 5 am for London based company.

Now, this company was operated out of many other UK cities, they deliver their food should be fast, affordable and easy. They make your favorite meal available to your from your favorite restaurants within your time at affortable rates and in the fastest time possible.

They can offer their services on their websites and provide your post code, they list many number of restaurants within two miles from your location will be shown to you. It can be easy to select your favorite restaurant , choose the food you want and make payment using online way and delivery details, after that they can delivery your food to your location.

This delivery services has huge range of choice and open all hours, so customers are always very happy from their offers they provide. The ordering foods will be delivered fastly, so this can be very impressive amoung customers.

5. One Delivery

One Delivery

One delivery is one of the best and largest fast food and restaurant delivery services in the UK. This can be operated over  65 major cities such as Leeds, Nottinggham, Cardiff, York and Sheffield. They started their business by craig Pollock in march 2013 across Leeds and delivering from just a few restaurants, it includes KFC, Burger King and McDonalds. Now they stepped into 4th year of business.

This company was worked with small and big restaurants across all  over the country. These only operated by franchise model and is looking to expand abroad. The one Delivery’s average order value is £23 , this means that there is a potential profit for per delivery for the franchise holder.

They deliver fast food and restaurant quality foods from household names and local dependents. Fast food brands such as KFC, Burger King and McDonald’s and some of the restaurants, because of this the choice for the consumers has widened. They can make it happen by using some technology, they give a seamless and unique experience to their customers.

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