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10 Easy Online Business Ideas Without Investment

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1. Blogging

Blogging Business

This is the best way to create a brand and make profits online. You can start a blog for free in online. If you are starting a blogging as a full time business. You only need to invest in the essential things like domain name, web hosting, and tools such as email marketing, SEO tools etc. For starting a blogging business first you need to pick a niche, your blogging runs successfully mostly depends on your niche so make sure to pick a niche to make both profitable and evergreen. You need to choose your monetization strategy, this helps you to find out how you are going to make money from your blog and try to use passive income so they help you to make money easily.

2. Affiliated Marketing

Affiliated marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business idea to make great income online. This business may take some time to build a strong business but once you get stronger in business, you’ll make a ton of money in this marketing. Starting an online business around affiliate marketing can be cheap and there is low investment cost too. All you need is to pay for web hosting service, some SEO tools and you’re good to go for this business. Affiliate marketing works are working like a charm. Now if you’re interested about how you can use affiliate marketing to make thousands of dollars in passive income. First you need to build trust, this is the most important factor when it comes to affiliate marketing, so find ways to build trust on customers.

3. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Starting a digital marketing business or agency looks similar to starting a website on your own. The marketing agency also needs a website but it provides various services. So there are very low investment needed to start your own online marketing agency but it also depends on various factors such as, Website setup cost such as a domain, hosting, email marketing and etc, SEO tools that you need all in one SEO tools like Semrush to grow your business, A team that you need which typically consists of writers, designers etc who can take care of your projects, If you don’t have a huge investment for your business but it is not a big deal, you can start small.

Start a website which offer one or two services and hire someone to do the job for you. Once you start delivering amazing work to your customers, you can increase the chance of getting high price or ask them for referrals. Once your marketing company starts growing then you can start hiring more people and build a solid team who can finish more projects for you. There are many brands and startups investing a lot of money on digital marketing services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Content Marketing, Guest Blogging, Site Audits, Website Design, Email Marketing, Conversion Optimization, App Store Optimization and Paid Ads (PPC).

If you can provide any of these or all above services by launching a digital marketing agency, you can attract a wide range of customers worldwide to make consistent profits every month.

You can charge $5000 per month for your services and also from each client. The money you make from your digital marketing depends on what services you’re providing and what you have created an in-depth guide around launching a successful digital marketing agency from scratch.

4. Youtube Influencer

Youtube influencer

Youtube influencer job is a most profitable online business ideas without investment. Only you need to do is to create a free gmail account. There are millions of people creating new youtube channels and killing it with their subscribers, views and profits. There area many youtubers are earning huge money with youtube. You need to find the right monetization strategy is the key factor here. There are million ways to make money from a youtube channel, some of the ways such as Adsense, sell your own stuff and brand collaborations.

Adsense is one of the widely used monetization strategies for youtube, it uses adsense ads. Next selling your own stuff in youtube is the best monetization strategy for youtube. You can sell anything that related to your channel such as ebooks, online courses, merchandise and etc. Brand collaborations is one of the another popular monetization strategy used by most youtubers is to collaborate with others like brands, peoples, software companies etc.

5. Event Management Company

Event management company

Event management Company is more profitable because everyone getting busy in their schedules and people today find it difficult to manage and conduct the event. But nowadays there is some advantage for peoples, they have many companies for event management if they need to conduct many events are increasing which starts from a wedding to anniversaries, to birthday celebrations.

These teams will be hired for conducting the event and planned the event where they should not just handle the decorations but also the catering or food to even the hospitality of guests’ or sending invitations to relatives. Certain event management teams will also set the dress and accessories for the bride or groom or the individual for whom they are conducting the event.

6. Cake Shop

Cake shop

Selling cakes or bakery items which are cooked from home or otherwise can fetch you a good income. You only need a good online social media platform page and a delivery system that would help you deliver the cake on time. With orders received on the basis of word of mouth or otherwise you can easily fetch sales for your business and earn on a daily basis.

7. Freelancing


Starting a job as a freelancer or a person with expertise then you can use the online platforms for helping people and providing the consumers a great service. You can also approach a website developer can provide freelance by developing a website for clients approaching. Nowadays medical consultant can also start online consulting and tax consultants can also provide this to the customers who are in need of such services.

8. Content Writing

Content writing

Content writing work is one of the best Business Ideas to do in online without investment. This is another manner in which you can earn money online and earn money, but for this, it is important that you should need is to hold good skill on the language and communication along with the ability to crack the technical content which you have chosen to write on your blog.

Companies around the world wide that need content writers for writing about their products and also writing content for their websites in the form of technical content and this can only be done with the best skilled people who hold the skill to write and express the difficult terms and concepts in a simple language.

9. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant

Starting Virtual assistant business first you need is just costs the hosting fee and domain costs to create a website and then you can start offering virtual assistant related business to your customers. The fun part of VA is that you don’t have to be an expert to become a virtual assistant. You can offer a wide range of services ranging from different sectors such as posting frequently on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook etc, uploading videos on YouTube, optimizing images, setting up wordPress sites, managing emails, uploading new blog posts on wordpress sites, commenting on other sites

All the above tasks can be done for VA by almost anyone who knows how to operate a laptop, so you don’t need any special skills. You just need to find a team of 3 to 5 people who can take care of your virtual assistance business. you have to check out to agencies, brands and full-time bloggers who are looking to outsource small tasks like blog post publishing, editing, managing emails, social media for VA.

10. Dropshipping


Dropshipping is one of the booming online business. If you done right this business and it can be the most profitable online business idea. And that needs minimal investment upfront with high profit margins. Dropshipping is defined about selling products to your customers without actually storing the inventory of items by yourself. When a dropshipping store sells any product and it purchases the item from a 3rd party and shipped the item directly to the customer. This is simply a process of dropshipping is all about to buy a product, store it, pack it and ship it to customer.

The good thing about dropshipping business is when you find a product to buy from a third party vendor and you don’t even need to store or pack and ship it as the third party supplier does all those things. The reason to start dropshipping as an online business is because it involves less risk factor as you’re not creating any product by yourself.

You are not only person make money selling useful products but you can also validate ideas for business to sell profitable items for more profits in the long run. There are many number of people using ecommerce market like AliExpress to start dropshipping as a profitable online business.

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