Top 20 Easy Business Ideas To Start In UK

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If you are interested in running a small business then you will come to right place. Use this list of top 20 easy business ideas to start business in UK.

1. Baby Sitting

Baby Sitting

Babysitting job is a paid business for taking care of a child temporarily. The work of taking care of someone’s baby if there parents were going out or went to job. Before starting this job you need to understand your comfort level.

A good baby sitter will engage the baby with some activities to keep the baby active and having fun. Be gentle and caring and be flexible to the baby. Averagely a babysitter salary in the UK is £25,350 per year or £13 per hour.

2. Custom Cakes

Custom cakes

You have some creative knowledge in baking business. You have to start a baking business and make custom decorated cakes for special occasions. One of the most profitable business is cake making business. You can earn money easily with your creativity.

Before starting a cake business you need to decide on the types of cake you want to sell as a baker. Go to workshop and learn more designs on baking. The average salary for a cake decorator in UK is £10.22 per hour.

3. Catering


Providing food services to other areas or some special vocations such as hotel, hospital, pub, aircraft, etc. It contains two types one is social catering and another one is home catering. Both are sale food to other events or places.

First make a catering business plan before starting your business. Plan your budget and buy catering equipments which make your business easier. A catering person salary is averagely become £27,755 per year or £14.23 per hour in United Kingdom.

4. Flower Delivery Service

Flower delivery service

Becoming a florist needs some floral design skills and need to understand the pros and cons of being florist. It is truly a creative profession that means you need to create something unique and special everyday.

This is also a most profitable business, you can get started with some little and earn money. Florists can earn £25,000 a year and freelancer in London get upto £12 an hour.

5. House Cleaning Service

House cleaning service

Over 3 million households can spend their money on house cleaning service each year. You need £1,500 up to £17,000 to start a own house cleaning business. To start a cleaning business you need to identify your market and set a budget then decide how much to charge fo cleaning.

The salary of house cleaner in UK will get £10 an hour to £23 an hour.

6. Tutor


Tutoring is a best small business idea after lockdown or post covid situation. This contributes to educating children and guides them to educational success, You can stay at home and guide your students or clients easily by this method.

This business most helpful to earn money on sitting at home. First you  need to know your audience and choose your topic which you like to guide. Afterthat choose an online platform for tutoring and sell your courses.

7. Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery

A jewelry made up of base metals such as brass, copper, or aluminum. Costume jewelry is made with current fashions and inexpensive materials. It look like an expensive jewellery but it actually made up of inexpensive metals. The salary of Costume jeweler is upto £32,500 per year or £16.67 per hour.

8. Photographer


It completely based on your creativity and ideas to start this business. There are number of websites to sell images and license your photos online. This depends on your skill and uniqueness of taking images. You can sell your photos as stock images for sale on third party websites like Pixels, istockphoto, etc.

Selling your photos to website will be quick and easy way to earn money without an investment. It is an excellent way of hobby to earn some extra cash.

9. Gardening


If you have some basic skills with creativity on working with plants and flowers, Gardening is the best business for you after lockdown. There are only few steps to be a gardner, you might need to be know how to watering, raking, trimming, digging, planting, and leaf blowing the plant.

Responsibilities include monitoring the health of all plants and greenspaces is the main task of a gardner.  First you need to explore gardening business names and make a business plan to start a business. Register your business as a self employed to start your gardening business.

10. Pet Care

Pet care

Maintaining a pet animals such as grooming, taking to walking, provide products like chew toys is the task of pet care business. Find a location to start your business and register your certifications to get license.

11. Dog Walking

Dog walking

Dog walking has a low barrier to entry and is high profitable. You need to take insurance for dog walking business because dogs may injure someone else during walking. For this business there is no need any special qualifications. You have only confidence to manage different dogs behaviour.

12. Knitting


Knitting is a hobby turned business and it also a profitable business. You need to spend about £20,000 to start knitting business. This business need some investment to buy knitting products like, yarn, machines, clothes , shop equipment, etc.

If you have a online website for knitting business then you can sell your products online and earn money easily. You may also sell your knitting books, knitting patterns and ideas.

13. Car Cleaning

Car cleaning

Car cleaning business profits can range from £8,000 to £25,000 first year as a self service car wash. The average cost for one car wash in UK is £4.50 up to £250. Location is everything for car cleaning business, so choose best site you possibly can.

You need to select location under these categories such as ease to access, highly traveled street or highly traveld road. Car cleaning business need more sufficient space.

14. Data Entry

Data entry

There are many types of data entry service provided by companies such as online data entry, offline data entry, manual data entry and others. There are many company provide data entry services in UK such as Cleardata Company, Adetiq and etc.

It is not hard to do data entry work It require siginificant attention to detail and consistency in repetitive tasks. You can work through online at your home and at office also. You must have an excellent attention to detail and have ability to multitask effectively.

15. Event Or Party Planning

party planning

Event or part planning managers will plan and organize promotional, business and social events. Events managers ensure everything related to the event and they are responsible for those events. Event planning is also a profitable job on the other hand it is also a stressful job.

Event management is a good career because the industry is growing and events getting better. You must have communication skills and organizing skills to start this business.

16. Personal Trainer

Personal trainer

To Begin personal trainer business  first register your business with CIMSPA and take public liability insurance. In UK you also need to register your business for national insurance contributions. A trainer will provide fitness program for their clients, motivating and guiding them to achieve their goals.

In United Kingdom there is a demand for personal trainer so doing this business is great way to earn money. Averagely a personal will get paid as £600 million in a year.

17. Street Food Stall

Street food stall

It is a type of fast food eaten by an estimated 2.5 billion people every day. There are many types of street foods available in London.

To set up a street food stall in UK You need to buy food hygiene certifications and register with environmental health as a food trader. You must have street trading licences and liability insurance for employees and public.

18. Gift Shop

Gift shop

A Gift store is truly a profitable business. That your role as a gift shop owner is shopkeeper. To open a gift shop you need souvenirs, memorabilia, and other items related to particular topic or theme. The average salary for a Gift Shoper in United Kingdom is £21222.

19. Dropshipping


Online retailers to sell products that are manufactured and shipped by a manufacturer in dropshipping. This business is legal in UK. When you need to start a dropshipping business in UK you need to select a UK supplier for your business. Select your  website to sell products and create a customer service.

You only pay for what you sell so the salary is based on your work.

20. Driving Instructor

Driving instructor

Driving instructor role is to instruct the functions of vechicle and road regulations to the learner. It is one easiest and more caretaking job. Your role is to improve the driving skills to the customer and teaching practical skills related to all aspects of driving.


These are some of easy small business to start in United Kingdom. The world of self-employment can be challenging but with a little hard work you can make it happen.

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