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Dinner Ideas – Best Healthy Ideas For Dinner

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Dinner Ideas, These dishes continue to appear on Britain’s favorites lists. A maximum of the dishes is from home cookery rather than fancy gourmet recipes. Easy to prepare and full of influences from other cuisines, the dishes in our recipes are a testament to how British food has embraced and incorporated techniques, flavors, and spices from around the world. These are the best healthy ideas for dinner.

Top 10 best dinner ideas in the UK

1. Roasted Lemon Chicken

Roasted Lemon Chicken

The wonderful smell in the kitchen while cooking this Lemon Chicken makes it a staple for dinner. A whole chicken flavored with garlic, wine and lemons are the perfect family meal. Add a few baby potatoes, diced carrots, and sweet onions to the same pan for a complete oven meal in just 1.5 hours.

Grilling chicken is the easy way to cook an entire dinner in just one pan. It’s an inexpensive and delightful way to feed 4-6 people. Double the amount for a larger dinner And serve with a colorful salad and warm bread.

2. Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash

The term “Bangers” comes from the Second World War. This is indicated by the fact that sausages prepared during this time were prone to cracking when cooked over high heat. It was because the meat was scarce, so people added large amounts of water to fortify them. One of the most traditional British dishes is banger and mash, which you can find in pubs.

The dish consists of flavored pork, lamb, or beef sausage, served with lots of mashed potatoes. Sometimes it is accompanied by an onion sauce, fried onions, or peas. Many parts of the UK have their sausage style. The classic Cumberland Cumbrian sausage from the North of England is a popular choice. This long-rolled sausage is made from ground pork and seasoned with pepper.

3. Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

The British have been eating fish and chips since the 19th century. This popular British street food is traditionally served on white paper or newspaper. Most people like to eat it with their fingers. Today,  the local chip shop or “chippie” tends to serve it on a Styrofoam platter; with a small wooden fork. The fish,  usually cod, haddock, or plaice, is bathed in batter and fried.

Chips are also cut thicker than French fries and double-fried; once to boil the potato and then to make it crispy. Most people enjoy their fish and chips with a good pinch of salt and malt vinegar or a little curry sauce.

4. Stew and Dumplings

Stew and Dumplings

This delicious and hearty beef stew with meatballs is the backbone of winter cuisine in the UK and Ireland. It requires a long, slow cook, so it Doubles the amount to have enough for a few meals or To freeze for another time. This tallow dish is very high in calories, but every bite is worth it.

A tender beef stew With vegetables, stock, and brandy is the perfect base for Soft and chewy meatballs. Ready in 2 hours and 40 minutes, this dish is a classic not to be missed.

5. Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie

This popular shepherd pie is the perfect, easy-to-prepare family meal. It contains ground lamb cooked in gravy with onions and topped with chewy mashed potatoes.

The recipe has many variations of and you can add other vegetables, such as peas and carrots, for garnish. Some people even add a layer of grated cheese to the potatoes for extra flavor. People created the dish as an inexpensive and easy way to use up leftover meat from a Sunday roast.

6. Haggis


Scotland’s national dish, haggis, is certainly not for the faint of heart. It’s a  Sheep stomach (or Artificial gut) filled with a mixture of chopped mutton heart, liver and lungs, oats, onion, suet (fat), stock, and spices. It is customary to take it with “Neeps and Tatties” (mashed Swede and boiled and potatoes) and a shot (glass) of Scotch whiskey.

Traditionally, haggis is eaten on Burns Night on January 25. It is the birthday of the Scottish national poet Rabbie Burns; who wrote “Auld Lang Syne” and the poem “Address to the Haggis”. While it may  sound unappealing, haggis is a very popular British dish. This is largely due to its rich nutty taste and texture.

7. Roast (and all the trimmings)


British families used to gather on Sunday To enjoy a delicious roast. While this tradition has declined a bit in recent years, roast Is still a popular dish in the UK. The delicious feast includes roast meats (beef, chicken, lamb, or pork) and vegetables. This can be fries, carrots, peas, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts.

A roast can also contain stuffing and Yorkshire pudding; a dough made from eggs, flour, and milk that rises in the oven. Roast beef is traditionally served with a spicy sauce of  Horseradish and English mustard. The roast pork, meanwhile, is accompanied by applesauce.

And roast lamb is always accompanied by a mint sauce or currant jelly. Whatever “ingredients” you add, the  Sauce may be the most important part. This usually includes Meat juice and a splash of red wine.

8. Lancashire hotpot

Lancashire hotpot

Like shepherd’s pie, this hearty stew is made with lamb or mutton and vegetables and topped with potato wedges. However, one of the main differences is that you cook it in a thick ceramic bowl used for making stews.

The dish is cooked very slowly over low heat so that the meat is juicy and tender. Easy to prepare and inexpensive to prepare, Lancashire hotspot remains a popular British meal, especially during the colder winter months. People usually eat it with pickled red cabbage or beets. Similar stews include Scouse from Liverpool, Irish Stew from Ireland, and Cawl from Wales.

9. Fish pie

Fish pie

Easy to make and not expensive at all, this pie is very practical. Using leftover fish will save you a ton of money and the rest you will need are just potatoes, butter, spices, fish stock, and milk. Ready in just 1 hour, this dish is quick to prepare and assemble and Only takes 30 minutes in the oven.

Poach the fish in the milk, prepare a thick sauce with the leeks, milk, and flour, mix the two, and cover with mashed potatoes. Cover with cheese and place in the oven. That’s all you need to do to enjoy this British classic. Serve with fresh salad or steamed vegetables.

10. Balti curry

Balti curry

Almost any curry could have been on this list as the UK loves a good curry. Thanks to the different ethnic communities in the country, curries in the UK come from different places in Asia. Traditionally cooked over a large flame, this type of spicy  Curry is served in a classic Balti dish with a round bottom.

Our recipe uses chicken and the classic Balti spices, which you can bulk prepare yourself and store in an airtight container (mustard, garam masala, cumin, cloves, and turmeric are just some of the spices found in the recipe it’s a fantastic mix). This aromatic dish is ready in 1 hour and is delicious with rice.

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