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Top 20 Co Living Spaces In London

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1. LifeX


LifeX is fairly new place to the UK, With locations across Europe. But it’s already making an impression amoung young professinals. Its is designed on Nordic design, including tonnes of natural light and plants, enhances the aesthetic lifestyle. They also provide flexible stay options that allow you to leave within a month or whenever you need. LifeX offers intimate co-living homes for four to eight people in same place, turning your life into an episode of Friends and co workers. You did not need a Monica to tidy up for you, though, as rent includes weekly cleanings.

2. Code Co Living

Code Co Living

Code co living is now opened for a new kid on the block. This coliving increasing demand for affordable, flexible living in Edinburgh, Code co living recently transformed their luxury hostel as The LoFT. This is the city’s first ever coliving space in london. The Loft is tucked away on Rose Street and a prime city centre location in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town, london. Those peoples who want to spend a few weeks or months in the heart of the Scottish capital will find their own surrounded by a community of like minded members in same place. Code co living accept members  they are also welcome to take a stroll down to the Royal Mile and visit Code’s luxury hostel and the Court. Code co living can join in with weekly events, including beer tasting and outdoor activities.

3. Lyvly


Lyvly is one of the co-living space in london and it was located in center of kings cross, It was built by Londoners and it gives you a better renting experience for young professionals all across London and United Kingdom. Lyvly is a co-living space that you can find a home with housemates you actually like. People will easily get together and connect in same place in co living area. Lyvly contains more than 100 homes in London area from Brixton to Dalston.  Lyvly is creating a fundamentally new rental proposition and ideas in London.  Lyvly is improving people’s lives meaningfully and understandably.

4. UrbanShared


Urbanshared is one of the co living spaces in London. It was located in the south west London and great access to central London. UrbanShared decides southwest London is perfect for coliving. This space provides rooms with 6 double en suite bedrooms, kitchen, living room and conservatory. It ranges start from  euro 595 to 1000.

5. Pollen Co-Living

Pollen Co-Living

Pollen co-living is tailored for busy young professionals who wants to get on with living. Pollen homes are fully well designed and furnished one to make your life easier. It is a rental home where many peoples live together. It has four different types of co-living location in the south east of London. Pollen is a modern living home for young professionals, business owners and innovators. This place is to live your life with sharing, working and enjoying together. Pollen was located in Ivor Grove, Bowmead, Nelgarde Road and callander road.

6. Goodluck Hope

Goodluck Hope

Goodluck hope was located in the banks of river thames. It is a electric mix of contemporary buildings, they are distinct in design and ingenuity, comprises of suites and it has 3 bed apartments, lofts and townhouses. This has a sweeping views across London. It provides a retreat from the outside world, it gives first class facilities to residents and guests. This space was beautifully designed and it provides the finest in wellness, co-working and entertainment. This has boutique shops and innovative restaurants, cafes, pop-ups and galleries in their spaces.

7. Fizzy Living

Fizzy Living

Fizzy living is a co living rental apartment in London. You can rented a flat with a less than perfect landlord in fizzy. Football tournments and resident parties were host from time to time in Fizzy. Fizzy living contains eight branches in London such as Hayes, Walthamstow, Lewisham, Stepney Green, Canning Town, Poplar, Epsom and East 16. Rental price starts from 1,320 per month. Fizzy allows your pet animals also in their home. This space is pet friendly so you can also make new friends living with other pet lovers.  All fizzy apartments come with free super fast broadband.

8. Carrick Yard

Carrick Yard

Carrick yard is a 109 contemporary apartments and it was located in the heart of lission grove. This space has thriving neighbourhood rich in food and culture from all around the world. It has a microcosm of energy and diversity, bustling markets and wide open natural spaces. This space have internal gardens and it will bring a new community to lission grove and in doing so ass another layer to the rich culture that already exists. It has open green areas and public spaces to modern homes and also has new community initiatives.

9. Vonder


Vonder is all in one co living space and it was a beautifully designed homes for Vibrant community. Vonnder are fully furnished apartment. It has their branches in three cities and having facilities such as fitness studios, co-working spaces, private cinemas, cafes, and rooftop terraces. Vonder  contains 12 apartments in London. Vendor tend to have many networking events happening like language classes, pilates, pop-up tattoo shops and many more. Vibrant community participated and engage in a variety of events such as social and networking events. The members in Vonder are built in with community to offer help and advice throughout their stay.

10. The Collective In Canary Wharf

The Collective In Canary Wharf

The collective in canary wharf is a heaven of community and creativity in east London, canary wharf. The collective gives you a inspiring shared spaces and life enriching experience in largest co living spaces. It provides services from breakfast meeting to after dinner drinks and aslo provides yoga classes to table football tournaments. The collective have a space for everything you need. The collective having a rooftop swimming pool in their apartment. And also contains gym and cinema room in their apartment. This apartment contains wifi facility, rain shower in all rooms and areas.  This apartment is located in few minutes walk from canary wharf.

11. Noiascape


Noiascape is a co living space with the idea of modern urban living. This is simply a place to start living in modern surroundings. Noiascape is characterized by stylish simplicity with plenty of plywood furniture, it contains open common areas with lots of natural light and also interconnected pathways to encourage interactions. This allows you to work , live and socially interact from one convenient space. Noiascape are creating a network of living spaces connected to a range of social spaces. You can mingle from single space to a network of spaces.

12. Mason&Fifth


This was located in Londons Bermondsey and open in November 2019. Manson&Fifth contains 8000sqft with 28 luxury studio apartments in London. This was a large shared living space for live, work, eat and socialize with neighbours. This apartment is built with communal housing model and it is the new solution for home. Mason&Fifth mission is  to building a community with wellness of mind, body and spirit. The members in this apartment have access to meditation classes and one on one mindset coaching classes. They have secured a second space in Marylebone with real estate investment firm.

13. Spaceflow


Spaceflow co living is located in the west of London. This is a empowering gravity co living in London. Coliving is redefining the way we think about rented properties for young professionals to make the most of life in active and dynamic cities. This gives you a community, shared experiences and wellbeing spaces. Gravity space flow has been powered by Spaceflow since September 2019 with 4 locations across London. The member experience is a elevated through technology and community. Having everything centralized and streamlined through Spaceflow that eliminates other unnecessary, expensive tools, saving time. They connecting people with their city, their home, and each other to live.

14. Gravity Co-Living

Gravity Co-Living

Gravity co living spaces are created for global community of young professionals and also offering beautifully designed co living spaces. They can give best possible lifestyle experience for members. It has two branches in Finsbury and Camden Lock. This gives a meaningful social interactions among career minded young professionals. Gravity housing is creating a community for their memers centered around personal wellbeing, meaningful engagement, professional growth and unconventional design. They also support their members to their lives through activities such as yoga classes, meditation, business mentoring and night dinners. They built their new site in Barcelona and London, this is a global network of coliving spaces in business hubs.

15. Oppidan


Oppidan is the ultimate co living space in urban living. It brought to the city by Colin Shenton who also brought pay per minute, co-working and social spacecto the UK. Oppidan built in the summer of 2019. All Oppidan members receive free clockwork locations and also they can use of all uk clockwork locations. Oppidan has one coliving space that was located in the heart of the Northern Quarter. The site has a house manager and the manager is responsible for building the Oppidan community by creating a calendar of weekly events for the city people to participate and connect with oppidan members. Next Oppidan sites is opened in Sheffield, Leeds and Liverpool.

16. Folk


Co-living with Folk provides homes that balance the comfort and privacy of your own space, with the joy of sharing the good times. Go to an event, host your own or simply hang out your day in shared spaces. You choose you’re sure to meet great people and discover something new to discover.  There is no more wintry days in your room, watching your own breath in the air while your landlord refuses to address the fact your boiler hasn’t been working for two weeks of time.  There is no more garish 70s wallpaper and no more damp patches and dodgy-looking stains that you tell yourself are completely fine and normal through a grimace. There is no extortionate prices just for writing your signature and filing some papers.

17. B-Hive Living

B-Hive Living

B-Hive living aim is to redefine the shared living for a new younger generation. Social business is the brand that is currently has a site in Oxfordshire that has been seeking to promote positive prosperity & healthy lifestyles. They aim to give these lifestyle by building co-living their space. B-Hive has Offered a unique rental experience with a motive on connection and wellness. Their spacious shared areas and programme of community activities aim to help members to revitalise their work life balance.

18. The Stay Club

The Stay Club

The stay club is one of the ideal place for co-living where young professionals and postgradutes balancing their affordable accommodation. The co working and socializing helps to make the most out of London life. The provide accommodation of all services, furnishings, utility bills and amenities. They aim to make your transition to your new London home, it is easy and seamless as possible. The designed coliving spaces to balance independence and community. This is one of the most expensive cities to live in UK, so coliving is the cheaper way to explore the city.

19. Livinc


Livinc is also one of the best coliving spaces in London. They offer vibrant, modern and luxurious apartments with a london city view in Slough. All apartments are fully-furnished and designed include all bills. The train station is a 3-minute walk away from the apartment and there are regular trains to London Paddington taking less than 15 minutes of travel. This space provide wifi, laundry, and all inclusive bills. This was located in London and it has 19 properties in London. It is a flexible living and luxury community inspired locations to stylish. This gives you a new way to live, share and rent with friends.

20. Brichgrove


Coliving livin sometimes referred to as extra care housing in society. This gives you access to the care and support to others you might need. This space allowing you to retain your independence in a home of your own in Brichgrove. The care provided can vary from odd jobs around the house such as cleaning and ironing is to helping you with personal care such as getting out of bed and dressed, having a bath or shower, or taking your medication on daily basis. The beauty of co-living is that you have your very own room with your friends that allows you to maintain your independence and safety.

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