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Business Ideas For Teens – Small Business To Start As A Teen

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Small Business Ideas For Teens

As a teen if you are seeking for smart small business ideas, Than you are in the right place, Here are some best small business ideas for teens to start and make money. Entrepreneurship does not discriminate brilliant mind on the basis of age or wealth. Many successful entrepreneurs like Fraser started their first businesses before they were 18 years old. Alex Loven, the richest young entrepreneur started selling bats at the age of 13. There are also lots of business ideas from home for women to make money.

To get you started with your business here are 25 ideas to help you:

1. Candle Making

Candle Making

Anyone who is creative and astute would like to start a candle making business. Much of your growth and profit will depend upon your effectiveness and efficiency but a diligent candle maker can grow quite a large and lucrative business.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Young people grew up with social media, making it a unique skill for them to understand how to use and navigate each major platform. High earners in this business earn more than £100,000 a year.

3. Art and craft class

Art and craft class

You can provide your own tools (brush, pencil, paper) or you can ask your students to provide them yourself. Your hourly rate will vary based on your skill level and the nature of your class, but most can charge at least $25 per hour.

4. Home tutoring

Home tutoring

Since you can teach in your own home or in a student’s home, start-up costs are virtually zero. With experience, you can charge $30 to $40 an hour, making it a rewarding and profitable business.

5. Test preparation assistance

Test preparation assistance

The only cost you may incur is to purchase a test prep book and website. Specialized tutors are usually allowed to charge more per hour than regular tutors because it is important for most students to pass the tests.

6. Provide music lessons

Provide music lessons

Teaching music lessons can be a great way for teenage entrepreneurs to make money. If you have good experience with your instrument, you can easily find students who need lessons or extra help. Music teachers typically charge between £30 and £60 per hour, so over time this business can be very profitable.

7. Soap making business

Soap making business

Raw materials for soap making are quite cheap, so the profit margin in the soap business is good. For starters, expect to spend around £500 on soap ingredients and supplies. A soap making business is an excellent opportunity for those who enjoy creating beautiful things using their hands.

8. Jam business

Jam business

Raw materials for jam making are quite cheap like the soap business. So you can easily buy the raw materials for jam making and get the business started.

9. Gift wrapping business

Gift wrapping business

Wrapping gifts is a great method to bring in extra cash during the holidays. You can set up stalls near department stores or offer your services from your home. This business is ideal for students as most of the business will take place on weekends and holidays.

10. Sewing business

Sewing business

A sewing business is a great way for a talented seamstress to earn extra money. This company offers a lot of flexibility and can be ideal for young people who are especially interested in current fashion trends.

11. Freelance writing

Freelance writing

There are numerous freelance writing opportunities available to teens. With the growing reach of the internet, companies are publishing more content with the aim of reaching audiences around the world with different perspectives.

12. Transcription


Most of the work involves transcribing the audio or video provided to you. The work is ideal for people who type quickly, pay close attention to detail, and are familiar with the use of computers and other related software and technology.

13. Data entry

Data entry

Data entry companies are ideal for detail-oriented people who are comfortable with spreadsheets and word processing programs.

14. Writing kid’s books

Writing kid’s books

If you enjoy writing, drawing, or storytelling, starting a children’s book business might be for you. Traditionally, children’s books have sold more copies than adult books, due to the amount of reading children do compared to adults.

15. 3D Designing

3D Designing

This is an ideal company for someone with experience in sculpting, sculpting or modeling. It is significant to appreciate the procedure of a 3D printer and 3D printed products.

16. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

This Company is best for those with an artistic mind. You can create logos, text or other art that you or your client can think of. You can make 25-100 dollars per hour with this.

17. Photo editing

Photo editing

If you have experience in photography and photo editing, starting an online photo editing business can be an interesting and lucrative venture. Over time you can have a 5-figure annual salary.

18. Illustration Business

Illustration Business

An illustration business is a great way for talented and artistic teens to make money. Some possible jobs include illustrating books, creating cartoon characters, or designing storyboards.

19. Makeup artist

Makeup artist

Anyone who enjoys working with people and has particularly good makeup skills is welcome to run a makeup artist business. Making a name for you on social media can go a long way.

20. Babysitting


Childcare is a $ 5 billion-a-year industry, making it a great option for responsible teens who love children. The work is highly flexible and profitable.

21. House sitting business

House sitting business

The success of your home maintenance business depends largely on your reputation and subsequent word-of-mouth recommendations, but the potential for growth is good.

22. Pet sitting

Pet sitting

Pet sitting is a great business idea for responsible pet lovers who want to make money doing something they love. As an alternative to the kennel, pet sitters can offer a variety of services, such as walks, feeding, or home care.

23. Opening Etsy store

Opening Etsy store

If you love making handmade items or discovering one-of-a-kind vintage items in your spare time, you might have fun running an Etsy business. This is an excellent vent for teenagers.

24. Lawn Care

Lawn Care

If you like working outdoors and have an entrepreneurial spirit, consider starting a lawn maintenance business. This business is a popular way for teens to earn money during the summer.

25. Cleaning


Last on our list of teen business ideas is cleaning. Anyone with an eye for hygiene and an active work ethic can outclass in a cleaning business.

These are some of the best small business ideas for teens to get started today and start making more money.

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