Best British Watch Brands – Top 10

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United Kingdom has one of the unique and fascinating culture, this gives everything to the world from classic literature, arts, museums to famous rock musics. Always UK is also famous for its Biritish luxury watches. Some of the legends such as Thomas Mudg, Thomas Tompion, George Graham and many more created their mark on the watch history in UK.

1. Bremont Watch Company

Bremont Watch Company

This company was founded by two brothers such as Nick and Giles, Bremont company is the one of the largest watch maker brand in the British Isles. They Know how to dedicate a aeronautics and construction, deep passion about creating watches. This Popular UK watch brand consists of pilots or adventure theme based watches in their company.

The two brothers have also added several uniqueness to this watch brand Bremont in manufacturing twists. For example- this brand contains the trip tick case design and the anti magnetic faraday styled timepieces in its portfolio.

2. Roger Smith

Roger Smith

The founder of roger smith is the protégé of George daniels. He is widely regarded as the greatest watchmaker in 20th century, he is also a father of the co-axial escapment. Smith is outspoken about their current watchmaking with in the UK and they decided to prepare the future watches and brands amid the dominance of swiss movements.

This company created a very defined dress watch and that contains incorporated vintage craftsmanship. This watch is designed with the modern professional in mind. They released only limited series of watches, which means they only created 10 pieces per year.

The series 4 triple calendar moonphase watch is one of the most luxury watches created by roger smith. It was created with 18k red gold, it prices ranges from 250,000 GBP. They can also created a customized watches to their customers.

3. Arnold And Son

Arnold And Son

Arnold and son was located in the horological hotbed of La Chaux-de-Fonds area, This brand is a watchmaking company and started in the year of1787, John Arnold founded this brand and they are specialised in the manufacturing of ship chronometers. Now this brand is called SWISS, but Arnold & Son still builds the british legacy by providing watches in two collecetions such as the royal and instrument.

4. Graham


Graham is one of the traditional British watch making company and that newly joined to the swiss company. Graham is a sister company to Arnold & Son  watch making brand and its brand name is based upon the name of George Graham. Graham brand is famous for their chronographs. This brand have been incorporated into almost every single watch in the company’s brand portfolio.

Graham is specialized in adding interesting and unexpected twists to its watches. For example, the crown placed on the left side of the dial in watches. Graham is a UK watch bestiary, it consists of timepieces with bicompax GMT chronographs as well as chronographs are made with skeleton dials among others.

5. Pinion


This is a oxford based company, this was founded by the professional British digital designer, piers Berry in the year of 2013. He follows a business philosophy in his UK company. Pinion’s brand first wristwatch collection was the AXIS such as a series of watches with automatic movements, this was designed in the likeness of World War II instruments theme. It followed up shortly after with the AXIS Pure collection and the Revival 1969 collections, both collections are based on hand winding calibres. The watch of automatic Axis II has a very classic dress watch look and it was a visually sharp, hunter green coloured and winding rotor decorating the modified ETA 2824-2 ticking inside of it.

6. Christopher Ward

Christopher Ward

This brand was first established by three university graduates such as mike france, chris ward and peter ellis. They are having different opinion with the watch making and retail compared with their contemporaries. This company mainly aims to cut out middlemen and sell their watches directly to its customers.

They created a watch with the features along with helium escape valves and a water resistance capability of up to 600 metres. It contains the elegant slip under the cuff dress watches and it was designed with a moon phase complication adding with larger sized pilots.

7. Garrick


This brand is a London based company and it is a another English watch brand in UK that sets out to contribute to the revival of Britain’s watchmaking tradition. Garrick brand was created by the entrepreneur, horological enthusiast David Brailsford and full time watch collector. This was happened With his profound interest in traditional High Horology watch makinga and he even partnered up with one of the most gifted watchmakers in UK like Andreas Strehler, to create an innovative hand wound movement.

8. Speake Marin

Speake Marin

Peter Speake-Marin is both founder and nameseaker of this British-themed watch brand speake marin. He was born in Essex, England and formerly employed by Audemar Piguet Renaud et Papi, he set out on his own path and launched his first wristwatch model Piccadilly in 2003 on speake marin. While Speake-Marin is located in Bursins, and Switzerland. this brand models are primarily characterised by conservative English styles watches.

9. Schofield


Schofield brand is a newcomer to the UK industry market with some very interesting products and a fresh business concept. This brand was founded by Giles Ellis and it is a British watch company from Sussex that designs aeronautical watches with an old-world tone. This timekeepers were once tagged with Made in Germany branding on their dials on watches and some models were partially manufactured in Deutschland so its watches are now entirely produced in England since 2013. It’s a significant source of pride for this company schofield.

10. Robert Loomes

Robert Loomes

Robert Loomes brands is created by their family, it is a watchmaking roots reach as far back as the 16th century. Their son is expert in antique clocks and he also creates watches in small numbers first then usually a maximum of 50 to a 100 pieces per year. This brand creating limited batches isn’t the only notable characteristic of this UK watch brand. Robert Loomes also creates old stock Smith movements such as the very calibre type.

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