Top 10 Banks For Student Loans In UK

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1. HSBC Holdings

HSBC holdings

HSBC  Holdings seventh largest bank in the world. This is the largest bank in Europe in holding total assets. This bank provide money to students in two main costs such as tuition fees and living expenses. First you have to open student bank account and amount get depends on your household income. The bank has a wide range of services from commercial banking, global banking, and global private banking, retail banking, wealth management, etc. It was founded in hong kong and shanghai Banking corporation in March 1865.

2. Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds provides student account to apply for an interest free tiered arranged overdraft of upto £1,500 in years of 1 to 3 and upto £2,000 in years of 4 to 6. To get student account in Lloyds you need to be 18 years old and then you can apply for an overdraft. Lloyds provides totum card and this is the great way to save money on other purposes such as food, drink, fashion and etc. This bank provides loan students who are studying full time on a course of at least two years of duration. One year full time access course degree also get a loan

3. Royal Bank Of Scotland Group

Royal Bank of Scotland Group

RBS provides Two student loans such as one for tuition fees and another for maintenance costs. This loan providing depends upon the living space, student finance bodies and they could offer relevant funding. The tuition fee loan is directly paid to students university. It covers upto £ 9,000 per year. The maintenance loan of student is designed to cover living costs at university such as accommodation, food, transport and socializing.

4. Barclays


Barclays bank provides student loans such as student accounts , these accounts are like standard accounts. These accounts are come  with interest free overdrafts and also they give free railcards with these student account. Student will budget their needs before they go to campus, Barclays helps to get finance to students using student account. Student loan are a popular way of funding money on useful way. It is important to spend and save money in the right way it is important to invest in Barclays bank if you are a student in UK and start your need for life after full time education.

5. Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered provides education loan of upto Rs. 10,000,000 at rates starting from at 8.18% p.a. %p.a. with flexible tenures of upto 10 years. This bank provides many loans such as personal loans, loan against securities, loan against term deposits, payroll overdraft, loan against property and this can apply on online for mortage loan, home saver loan, home pack and home loans. This bank is headquartered in London, it is a financial services company. This company does not offer any retail banking services in UK. This bank can earn profit mostly from Africa, asia and the middle east of London.

6. Santander UK

Santander UK

Santander UK is a financial services company, it provides commercial, retail, and global corporate banking services. It access various sectors such as internet, digital, mobile and telephone. It also provides student financial loans to support student life. It provides scholarships, mobility awards, research grants and much more. It provide services such as financial planning services, investment Hub, digital investment adviser, will writing and lasting power of attorney services and Santander universities. This university provides funding for grants and scholarship at some of partner universities. Students can apply through the university directly. This bank was located in Regent’s place, London in United Kingdom.

7. Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building society is one of the largest building society and it contains globally with 15 million members. This bank is processing like mutual fund. Student can open students account and get £100 cashback. There are some procedure to get student bank account such as you can apply for an interest free arranged overdraft, bank with our app, make a mutual difference in your community, your account will graduate with you and get interest and save while you study with a savings account. Elegibilty of opening student account is student must be 18 or over, UK resident, having current account, done full time course at least 2 years, pay £500.

8. Schroders


Schroders have more than 200 year of expertise in banking, they have 5,750 people based in 37 locations around the world. Schroders have clients include individuals who invest directly through businesses or financial advisers. They support some needs of institutions like insurance companies, pension funds and charities. They have five key areas to meet client such as private assets & alternatives, schroders solutions, mutual funds, institutional and wealth management. Schroders provide educational loans and student account to students who needs the support of finance and basic needs.

9. ICICI Bank UK


ICICI Bank provides educational loan as simple by following registration process. This bank is specially designed to meet your banking needs in UK. To get educational loan in this bank student must be 18 years old or above 18. You can open Home Vantage current Account to get loan instantly. There are some steps to get loan in this bank, first you need to download the app to register and apply online to get loan or directly visit the bank branch with complete application form such as proof of identity and proof of address. This bank contains attractive interest rate and it can access through internet and mobile banking.

10. TSB Spend & Save Account

TSB Spend & Save Account

The TSB Spend & Save Account is opened to UK residents aged 18 or over 18, so you’ll need to wait until you’ve moved to the UK to open this account for education loan. One big benefit of the account is that you can earn £5 cashback for each of the first six months of approving loan. It comes with great features like Savings Pots to keep money aside to help you save money for future. Plus you can Save the Pennies option which lets you automatically save money every time you use your debit card. This feature rounds up payments to the nearest pound and puts away those extra pennies into a Savings Pot of your account or a TSB savings account.

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