Top 10 Banks For Business Loans In UK

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1. Barclays


Barclays is one of the most popular banks in United Kingdom. This bank was founded in 1690 in Manchester of Uinted Kingdom. This bank provides loans for businesses to grow and scale their operations. Barclay says business loan is a straightforward way to finance your business. Business opportunity presents itself but you need substantial funding to take it up. Barclays are ready to help and explore your business if it was right for your business. Barclays provide provisional lending limit and they will update daily. They give flexible borrowing for your business and personalized quote with no credit footprint. They borrow up to £100,000 online.



HSBC is suitable for all types of business. This provide loans to business goals such as self funded, growth, reducing debts, expanding business reach or enhancing balance sheet. They provide long and short term loans. HSBC have experts assistance and bespoke solutions for specific requirements. HSBC are full range of commercial banking services for cash management. Their business loans solutions are overdraft, Loan against property, Commercial property purchase loans. This bank loan approval processes are very simple and they complete all formalities without a single visit to the branch.

3. Lloyds


Lloyds are financial services group focused on retail and commercial customers. This bank was founded in Birmingham, England. The bank has unique customer proposition and serve the financial needs of customers in one place. They operate multiple brands through three division, retail, commercial banking, insurance and wealth. Lloyds provides small business loans up to £25,000 and larger business loans above £25,000.Lloyds business loans features are loan duration, security, Fixed monthly repayments, option to take a repayments holiday and no penalties for paying early. This is a private limited company and incorporated in the UK.

4. NatWest


Natwest bank provides small business loan borrow from £1,000 to as much as £50,000. They does not require any arrangement and early repayment fees for loans. It has 10 year terms for request your loan. This bank provide loans to all business customers, all are eligible and applying loan through online. Getting loan from natwest is quick and simple. Natwest offers loans from £1,000 to £10,000,000. This offers loans for larger businesses up to £10 million, To get large business loan you need to provide an asset as a security against the cost of the loan. This was available to both existing and new customers. Natwest have wide range of finance products, high street presence and repayment holiday facility.

5. RBS


RBS is refer to as Royal bank of Scotland. This contains variable rate loan and fixed rate loan. This is one of the big four in UK banks.This was founded 300 years ago. Thus bank provides loan amount upto £25,001 to £ 10,000,000. Loan duration upto 10 years. By using RBS overdraft there is no minimum amount to be paid back every month and you only pay interest on the amount of money that you use. Credit card can offer an ongoing, flexible line of credit plus the chance to earn cashback on business spending. The eligibility to get loan from RBS is you will be a UK resident, aged 18 or over, your registered address must in UK, loan must be used for business only and you must need a good credit rating.

6. Santander


Santander UK was established in January 2010. It has more than 20,000 employees, 14 million customers and more than thousand branches. It provides different types of business loans and suit for specific needs of different organisations and makes quick decisions on issuing fund. It provide small business loans and large business loans and asset finance loan.

7. Yorkshire Bank

Yorkshire Bank

Yorkshire bank was founded in 1859 and it was founded by colonel Edward akroyd, This bank says it  believes that a flourishing economy helps individuals and enriches society. This bank provides a flexible range of business loans and it gives financial support to small business or expand customer business. Yorkshire bank provides loan options such as online business loan, flexible business loan, business loan, term loan, business investment loan and enterprise finance guarantee. Loan duration of this bank is between 6 months and 15 years. It provides secured business loans and fixed repayment options. There is also a option to take a repayment holiday and also you can repay your loan early at any time.

8. Tide


Tide has  800 strong band of tech and member focused people headquartered in London. The CEO of Tide is Oliver Prill and Chair person of this bank is sir Donald brydon. This was located and headquartered in central London, and has a office in sofia, Bulgaria and Hyderabad. Tide has more than 400,000 sole traders, freelancers and limited companies throughout the UK. This bank gives business loans in the form of borrowing designed for commercial organization, rather than individuals. This loans are usually anything from one month to up to 15 years. This business loans can be categorized into two types such as secured and unsecured.

9. Lombard


Lombard is providing business loans to UK since 1861. This finance is available for business purposes only. In 1958 lombard was bought out by the National Provincial Bank and it expanded quickly. Lombard got royal bank od Scotland in the year of 2000. Two RBS is merged with Lombard to create a new force in assest finance such as RoyScot Trust and Royal bank Leasing. Lombard is one of the UK’s leading provider of asset finance.

10. Funding Circle

Funding Circle

Funding circle was worked with british Business Bank from 2013.They provide fast, hassle-free loans to small businesses. It also have online option to apply loan faster. Funding circle provides popular resons to borrow as working capital , stock and equipment, website and marketing, business growth, fulfill a contract and cover a one off cost. Funding circle helped 130,000 small businesses across the world. This is the largest online small business loan provider and this bank is listed on the London Stock Exchange. They support small businesses, local communities and drive the economy forward, so funding circle is one of the leading global provider in UK.

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